Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 4

OK, so day four.
    I dont even know why i writing this post. haha Basically... we woke up went shopping for a few misc things that we need. Like deodorant, travel size shampoo and soap, and snacks for the plane.
   Then we went and got lunch. OH YA!!!! This place was amazing! ohh Mmmmmm so stinking good. It was this place in the "Circle"or "Square" they call down here in Orlando. We looked up online for a  Cuban sandwich and this place had 4.5 stars (out of 5) for reviews. Everyone there was spanish. And very authentic. The cuban sandwich melted in your mouth. Oh wow and the plantains Mmmmm. Wish you all could have been there. Even the service was amazing. Just everything was so good. I know we have good food in asheville and we eat good there all the time. But something about this place was just above what we have eaten before.
    After we ate chelsea went and got her toes done.
    Then.... Guess what we did again..... We ate :) lol but it was desert. We found this Italian place and they too were fully Italian! Like lijit Italian with the hair coming out of his shirt and a gold chain. Well he did only button his bottom two buttons on his shirt lol. But they all had like VERY think accents and everyone in the "deli/desert" place was speaking Italian. I felt out of place. haha We got a cannoli and man was it good!!! Also some coffee. Just a nice 'last supper' type deal.
   Anyway thats it. WE fly out at 9:30 for our flight and will be in Dublin at like... IDK i need to look at the itinerary and don't feel like it. SO i guess ill let you know how it goes later!
   Love you guys!!!

*just in case we die on the airplane. :) see you in the New System!  

Forgot to take pics. This is our apitizer... Just to give you and idea how good there food was.