Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 14

It's been a long trip so far. Nothing like the last trip to Costa Rica. Really. Things have been taking up my time completely. It's been really nice. Today's blog was a little less action packed tho.  What did I do... I may start writing these blogs the night of. That was I don't have to try and remember what happened the day before. Maybe I'm getting old? Idk. Haha. 

   Ok so I know we woke up and went out in service. For the morning we went out with this funny old couple. The brother was old and grouchy. We were all meeting at his house before we go out in the field to preach, and on the way into the house I jumped over fence. I thought It was pretty Impressive, he... Didn't. This is the same brother that I met at the hall that kept starting at me and Chelsea. Like we had something on our heads. Idk. Funny dude. I asked to work with him and his wife as its just been us and the Kingdons alot. I like change. You guys know that. Anyway the morning was great. The old mad actually was pretty funny despite the few times he was a little scary. His wife was super nice and put up with him better then Chelsea puts up with me. If you know us well then you know that's alot. In service we saw these huge wind turbines. Very cool! I was told that the blades can spin up to 200 mph at the tip of the fans. There are these things everywhere. Cuz it's always windy!! 
   So anyway. We went out in service till late in the day. Then there was a small party at the Kingdons. I'm not sure if it was a small going away party or just everyday party life for them. :) I meet this lady from the hall, super nice, and she has family and is moving back to Venice Italy. So we exchanged information. She said ANYTIME we would like to visit there we have a place to stay. Idk. Looks like Chelsea and I have our next place to visit. ;) its cool how any witness in the world would take complete strangers into there house for a week or so. Well i guess yoi have to be a witness yourself. Lol. she has been all over the world. She gave us tips on some things to see in Ireland. Oh ya!!! We went thrift shopping! It was awesome!!! I got a beautiful authentic Italian suit for €15 oh man. This thing is a beauty. Just need a little fitting and I'll be good to go. Also got a authentic Irish hat. 100% wool. I'm gonna were this thing everywhere. And for only €2 I can't go wrong. :)   
   Anyway that's it. It was our last day in county Mayo and the county will sure be missed. Tmrw holds some fun for me and Chelsea. Can't wait to tell you guys about it! 
  This is the only pic I'll post for now. I'm on data on my phone and don't wanna waist too much uploading. ;) but look at the cows in the road. Haha. So funny.