Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 8

Our last day in London.

   Never thought i'd be this excited to leave the city. I mean don't get me wrong. We like it but dont really like it.

   Ok so last night stunk! Really really hot in our room. It was about 60 F outside and 80 F in our room! We woke up at 3:00 am and couldnt go back to sleep. I took a cold shower and stood in front of the fan on the bed. was a good way to cool down. We were able to go back to bed slept till breakfast ate then went back to bed. ;) Just starting to get used to the schedule finally.

   So we start our day finally. We walk to the museum 1.9 miles This one is called the Natural museum. Kinda cool. Ill post a few pics.

Ill have to post them later.... Ive tried a few times
now and about 30 mins later i give up! SORRY! lol

Got them to work!!! YAY
this is the building

Big dinosaur in the entrance!

This is a sequoia tree. Pretty cool. this is from CA. you can see how they shipped it to the UK. They had it shipped in pieces. 

Before i continue let me just say a few things. What i think about the city...

  • Very cool architecturally!
  • Many cool cars! Seriously we saw like 4 Ferrari, prolly 50 porches, many Maseratis. and Everything else was a BMW Lexus Mesadies. There was only 5% of the cars there i didnt like. Everything was sports cars and luxury cars! Very awesome. 
  • All the people were skinny, and they were all beautiful! 
  • The accent was cool and fun to listen to!
  • I didnt like the food. The beer was mostly warm! And the roads are all rough
Thats mostly what i can think of for now.

   After the natural museum we went and got lunch and a chinese place then went to the Science museum! Loads of fun. lol And the hands on museum was so much fun! It puts our local one to shame! We were in there for almost 2 full hours! Just playing with everything. haha We felt like kids. We didnt take much pics of this but we did get some videos. You will like our Ireland video trip we will make when we get back.
Just outside the museum we saw a Bible stand. Very cool to see our witnesses worldwide doing the work! :) No pic sorry. But you know what it looks like. You have seen them in mags!
inside the science museum 

"chair of doom' lol
So thats pretty much it. After that we got some drinks some food then got on the bus to go back to the airport. From there we got on another bus and went to our hotel and now im going to bed! Gotta wake up at 4:30 for our flight to Dublin! Let you know what happens tmrw evening!

Goodnight people. I hope ppl are reading this. Actually i hope your not. I cant spell and put words together haha

OH ya btw there was a 130 car pile up today in london!!! 130 cars!!! haha it was from fog. Everyone is talking about it and its all over the news

Just a cool shot i took of the busses