Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 21

Today was a fun day for Chelsea and i. So I slept in. As the Benadryl took it out of me. To give you an idea on how tired I was, Chelsea wool up before me!! Lol. I slept until 11:00. That's the nice thing about being on vacation. You can sleep in if you would like to. ;) although I don't like skipping service. Cuz now I have to make up that day. 

Ok. So Chelsea and I leave the house around lunch and head off to the big city.  Were kinda excited to head out for ourselves for a bit. Don't get me wrong. I like going out in service and all but I so miss my sports. Hockey and track days. I'm gonna need a new sport when we get back.   

   On the way to the city we stop at a castle. I don't even know how many we have seen now. It's too hard to keep up. But this castle was pretty cute. It was on the river like most. We went walked into it and left.  

   Then we went to the English market. It's a really old fresh market. Even the queen visited a couple years ago. It was so cute!! Lots of weird fish and pigs heads. It smelt kinda funny. But there was so many nice fresh things. And I don't typically even care about this type of stuff. I wasn't planning on spending any money as well but it was so much fun. Lol. We waked around and got 3 types of cheese. Two Irish cheddar. One very aged and one middle aged. So middle aged that the cheese went thru a mid life Crisis. Jk. Also this a goat cheese guda. Oh wow. These where so good. The guy said we shouldn't do crackers but we should do bread. So we. Went and got some sour dough bread. Not like in the states. It's alot less strong here. 

Well we have cheese and bread so we need wine! Well that's next. We get some wine to drink with it. Also in the market we see a stand of olives. I take a few samples and find this one that was so spicy!!! Mmm woe. It was so good! So the guy said that it would be good with tomatoes. I tried a few samples and got some sundries tomatoes. They were so fresh and tasty. Chelsea doesn't even like them normally. But these... She wouldn't get here hands off my tomato bag ! So good. 

   After shopping. We found a sausage stand. Grabbed a few of those and went to the park across the street and ate our lunch. Such a fun day. Btw parking for 2 hours was €7.00!!! Isn't that crazy.  Haha. It was worth it. We had lots of fun. Oh ya and driving in the city was a blast. I was flying in and out of cars. Even scaring people who would try and cross the street by J walking. I was honking my horn and oh. It was so much fun. You had to be there. I guess I could say I was driving like a local. And starting to feel comfortable. 

   After that we went to the shopping mall here in cork. It was pretty lame. And it's funny. We didn't even recognize any of the stores. Everything is so different. We walked around. Went in a few stores and left after getting a muffin. Then we went home ate some food and watched some Hulu. Since we got it working. You take those things for granted. Having tv in your own sense of humor. Lol. 

Anyway. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. 

Here is one pic of boringness this is a nice day everyone was saying. Just cuz there was no rain. 

Pics aren't really posting from the computer. Only ones from my phone. But I keep forgetting to take pics on the phone. :) I'll try and take more pics on the phone.