Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 10

Can't believe that I've been away for 10 days! Doesn't even seem like it we have been so busy. Having loads of fun so far and been really enjoying Ireland. So since I'm writing this post for yesterday I need to think about what I did yesterday.  Haha. Ok give me a sec... Just woke from a nap ;)

   Ok so we wake up.... The best sleep we have had so far. The Kingdons have turned there living room into a bed rom for us. Even building a bed. Extremely nice people. Just think about it. Irish people are known for being hospitable. Irish Jehovah's witnesses now and just over the top. 
    Chelsea isn't feeling the best. She is feeling sick. So she stays home. Tries to go back to bed while I get ready to leave for service. Service is alot like it is back home.  You drive to each house and there all really far away. No house is right next to the other ones (unless your family)   Anyway. I drove! Scary right. Ya. It is. And it was. Something a little diff here. They don't really have driveways. So most everyone is just right off the hwy. (hwy is any road that has a speed of 80 km/h or more) its really neat and easer to get to. Unlike going out in the ministry back home. And there "mountains" are really hills for us. So since it's sat. they go out at 10:00am lots of Irish ppl sleep in on this day. So that was a little funny. Because people will not even be up. It was nice to go out in the ministry. Such beautiful scenery. 
    Ok so lets skip forward a few hours after my nap now. We go to a castle! Very cool. It's called ashford cong. First we see the old monastery. That was very neat. Still ruined and not rebuilt. It was originally built in 1200 or something like that. We walked inside and were able to see all the places that they would hide the booty. Booty is treasure. Really to look close at parts of the masons artwork was truly amazing. Then we walked over to the tower. Just a watch tower built by Guinness.  This was built in 1886. So not a real castle. Still cool to see. It may have still been in battle. 
On the way to the tower I came across a branch sticking up from the ground that seemed to be dead. So I say to micheal. "can I break that?" He said "no" that it would be impossible to brake it. It was only 4" in diameter so I said ahhhhh let's see how easy it is to brake it. Well I pull my weight on the branch and nothing. Then the kids take there turn... Nothing. So I ask Chelsea to take a photo of how much the branch is bending. I get back on the branch... Pull pull lean. My whole body up in the air... Waiting for Chelsea to shoot the photo... Then... SNAP!!! The branch broke! It hit my rib cage and hurt me really really bad. Took the breath out if me! It's the next day and I can now breath without pain. Slightly. Then mike looks at the branch and said "this is rotten" ya!!! Haha. I said "that's why I thought it would brake!!! Lol". Well... That was that. Time to move on. 
   Next we walked over to the castle. Just a short walk in the mud. Ya it was raining the full day! It never let up for a sec. But that's normal I guess. Not too many people made a big deal about it. Anyway, the castle was beautifully. It was altered a little bit tho. Put windows in and stuff. Put heaters and better ceilings. But pretty much all of it is the real deal. We have lots of photos that you would like. But not alot will post. As the Internet stinks. And the computer isn't working well too here. But here is a pic of the castle for you. 
   Ok guys let you know what happens tmrw! Take care ttyl.