Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 5, 6,

So ya... Not much to say now. I typed for 1 full hour!!!! It wasn't much because i type slow. But thats a full hour gone because this blog got deleted.

Also sorry for not getting back on here guys. Our internet areas have been extremely sketchy!

   Ok so here is day 5 and 6...
   Day 5 monday right? Thats where we were? YA!!! :) 

   Day 5 we leave for MCO get there 1.5 hours early.... Nice no wait and we get right on the plane. (BTW this will be just a quick blog to get us caught up as my last blog disappeared) We land in ATL for a 4 hour layover. Not too bad so we fly out of ATL for dublin at around 8:00pm. This was a 8 hour flight! Even tho it was long it was the coolest flight every. We got dinner and breakfast on the same flight. Also how cool is this?... We watched the sun set then rise. Now keep in mind... We flying East. The opposite direction the sun is going. And flying thru time zones. Because its 5 hours ahead in the UK. We land in Dublin around 8:00am

   Day 6
    After we land we go to a place to leave our bags. Because our next flight we cant bring "checked" bags on the plane. Thats why its so cheap to fly thru this company. (only $80 for me and chelsea to and from London) So we drop our bags off and go get ready for our next flight to london... We go to security and scan our tickets and it says "Too early" It hits me.... OH YA!!! I booked our tickets for a 12 hour layover incase delta was delayed. Well oops lol So no internet to do anything so we try and sleep. Keep in mind i cant sleep on a plane. Chelsea passed out on some random couch.. lol. 

   Anyway 8:00 pm we get on our plane then 55 mins later we land in london. go to our hotel and pass out! :) 

   I had so many little funny details for this post.... but since its gone I am not going to take the time and write them again. You can ask me later when we get back. :)

   OH also tried to load photos and it wont work at the local coffee shop... Ill get it later when we get back to a Real hotel

Flying to Ireland was pretty. I like the puffie clouds! 

Chelsea slept like this for a few hours!

Flying too london. Ive never had to walk on the airport before. Kinda neat 

Watching a movie at ATL. Little did I know that a 4 hour layover isnt bad

IDK kinda a cool shot in the DUBLIN airport.