Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 13

Oh today was another day of going in the ministry. Oh but such a great day. Lots of very interesting Irish things to see. 

   So we wake up to the smell of fish. Stella a very lovely lady cooked my fish I caught. I was excited to cook it as I've already caught it and even gutted it. I wanted to do the rest... Cook then eat. Then... Well you know. Lol. Anyway she cooked it. I'm not mad at her but like I said I was looking forward to cooking it. Even tho it was over cooked and the skin tasted like smoke. ;) it has been cool tho to eat like the locals here. Eat the veggies and fruits and fish and chickens. Everything home grown and not much purchased at the local supermarket. 

   So we went to a small island for service today! This is in there territory and about 1.5 hours away! Really amazing views. It really can make even the most unappreciative teenagers jaw drop from the sheer beauty. 

   On the way out we stopped for many pics that I can't wait to show you guys! But as I've said before. There not loading very well here. 
   First, how cool it was to see the sheep in the middle of the road. Mile after mile one sheep, two sheep, three sheep. Enough to make you fall asleep. Lol (dumb counting sheep joke reference) anyway. There were everywhere. We would have to slam on the brakes or dodge them so there wasnt any cotton on the windshield. Btw one funny side note... All the farmers have been painting the sheep red and green. For the colors of the local football team (soccer). 
   Second we come across some beautiful beaches! All full of rocks. Pink ones! We were told that there are pink beaches in Costa Rica and they were not pink. Here tho I was never told about these beaches but they were PINK so funny. Haha. This def came as a surprise. 
   Third random castle in the middle of nowhere. It seems like we haven't seen a car in ages. Just a few misc homes on the way out. This was a small castle but it stood on the edge of the ocean overlooking some cliffs across the way. They had a good view back in the day. Very cool. 
   Fourth, still not even in the territory yet! Well we were, it is just a really really big one. Some very good response out there. I wish we had days to work that territory. Everyone was so nice out there. Ok so fourth, it was gorgeous!!! These gigantic cliffs. Must have been over 1000' high. The earth was falling beneath your feet. One of them was over looking the site of a ship wreck from back in the day. Still with the crane (tiny) hanging over the edge that was used to save the lives of those down below. On top of these extremely tall cliffs were these cute little sheep running around wild. It's amazing how many sheep that are just running around. I must have seen tens thousands of them. 
   Fifth, finally got to the pier. We were supposed to go fishing out here but things didn't work out to take a brake for a few. 
   Such a great way to spend the day. See the country side. Talk about Jehovah and see his beautiful creation. All at once. There is no congregation out there. But I would say if someone was willing to be sent as a special pioneer and serve on this island there could be a congregation started within 6 months. Boy would that be a privilege. :) 

Anyway we got home at 6:00pm or 7:00pm I forget. We ate and tried to go to bed pretty early. I'll post a pic for you guys. Hope you enjoyed! Talk to you tmrw! :)