Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 27

Woe. Man has this month flown by. Only 5 more days. Well from yesterdays post... like I'm doing now i guess it will be 6 more days. But it doesn't mean that there is only 6 more posts. We also have a couple days in FL before we come back home. And! I have a video I'm going to be making that will be posted on this blog.

Time to start blogging... HAHA Sounds like I'm some sort of hipster. lol seriously. Such a dork...

now lets see... Yesterday was a good day. We enjoyed ourselves and the weather allowed us to go outside without a jacket. That was nice. So yesterday we took a trip to Lismore castle. Its deff one of the most impressive castles we have seen so far. But. It isn't my fav. I like the one that we did yesterday because its all beaten up and falling apart and i can climb on it.

So Nat brought us to the castle and on the way he about killed us. I got to experience true Irish driving. Now when i drive here i feel like I'm flying. The speed limit on most of these back roads is 80 KPH and i can hardly get to that speed. And when we come across a car I slow down. Maybe don't hit the breaks but deff get off the gas. Now... On the other hand Nat speeds up. I'm guessing he knows when he is giving the other car enough room when his left mirror starts hitting the over grown grass and trees sitting on the road. Don't forget they drive on the other side of the road here.

side note... People here call the # 3 a tree and a tree is a tree. Its really annoying. EX: I have a kid who is tree... See??? haha in the context you understand. But on top of the accent that you hardly understand it can get a bit annoying. ;) No offense Irish people.

On the way to the castle we stop at this place where some old man back in the day was building his home but ran out of money. But before you get to his home there is 2 Towers at gates. And the guards would live in them. There really cool so let me get you some pics...

This is the main gate really cool looking. It's really big and fancy. Lol

There is another 2 on both sides of the bridge about .3 miles past this one after you go thru the gates you see here. But... I don't have those ones on my phone. so you will have to wait for the video to see those pics... Sorry.

Ok so after our mile hike of having fun climbing these mini castles. we head over to Lismore. Get in the car get to the point to were your just about to throw up from true Irish driving and here is what i see...

This is a shot from the bridge while driving up to it. Now... When we get there were supposed to pay €8 per person. Well nat know people who work there so we kinda sneak in. But it's ok because the owner is like the second most rich person in Europe. And I'm sure he can pass on €34 for now. Oh wait!!! Before we get in the castle we play at the playground. And that was really fun!!! They had a Marry go round and boy did we get that thing spinning. So fast I couldn't hold on anymore and fell out. Wait till I show you the video. To will like it a little more. Lol. 

Ok so we snuck into the castle grounds and looked around the gardens. That was fun. Very pretty. If anyone has ever been to the Biltmore house in Asheville... That doesn't hold a candle to these gardens here. They even had a small apple orchard and pumpkins and some many flowers I've never seen. And from all corners of the gardens you can see the castle. Here is one shot from the other side of the garden. 

Pretty cool huh? After doing this we snuck out the back of the gardens and we and got some food in the cute little town. It was a nice little cafe but really not worth going into detail. 

After eating we head to "The Vee" Ya that's the name, Pretty silly if you ask me... So the forecast all day kept saying partly cloudy having a pic of the sun ya know? Well like nice Irish weather I never saw the sun... Until.... BAM!! As soon as we get to the view there it is! Beautiful view with a nice sunny shot. Like it came out just for us. Before you know it the sun was gone no were in sight or to be seen again. Seriously it came out for 5 mins, just enough for us to take a few pics of the view. That's it. Here is the view...

I don't have a pic of the lake but there is one down there to the left. You cant see it from this angle but i get a pic on our camera not on the phone. The lake is what they call bottomless right? It apparently is really really deep and cold. I say cold but I'm assuming all water here is cold!  maybe this is colder. I must say that the Iphone 5 takes good photos tho huh? Even the one of lismore was taken from a moving car lol

Man this is a long Blog post... Sorry guys. 
But i finally have stuff to talk about and I'm enjoying telling you guys. Now i don't have to make boring day to day life sound amazing. ;)

On the way down the mountain Nicolla sees tourists taking pics. Then she says look tourists and there driving a crappy car. It was a fiat 500... You know the car that just came out in the states a couple years ago. Well we all think there cool and interesting and cute. Well everyone here hates them. They say they are worse then KIAs lol how can anything be worse then a kia? I can say that because i drove one around for a year.

Ok so we get home i write more on the website. That was fun because i got all of the text and pages done. Now i just gotta do all the annoying finishing touches... Thanks to +Christa Ramey i had 80 something changes in spelling and grammar. I think i have that many changes on this one blog but that's not nearly important tho. :) No offence guys. I still care about you.

no its 8:00 and Martin JR. Comes and picks me up for pint. Martin Jr is Martin's son he is the elder i keep talking about. Martin Jr is really cool. Very thought full and kinda quite. I kinda admire that. I wish sometimes i can be a little more quite. He has been giving Chelsea and me so much to do here in this little tiny crappy city. Side note id never live here. There is nothing to do but go out in the ministry. And gas cost so  much id never drive to see friends and do things.

So we go to the pub and get a couple pints. Now this pub is tiny tiny tiny. Its is 3 rooms the size of a bedroom Maybe 10'x10' right. small. And they just sit around without any music and drink and talk. Pretty boring stuff unless you drink alot. That was the plan but beer is super expensive. I'm guessing people here don't care about the cost because the Guinness is so good and Irish need there drinks either way. So ya it was this tiny little local bar and its one of the oldest pubs in Ireland. Ran by this sweet little old Irish woman that i didn't understand a word she said.

In the pub it was just us 4 brothers the owner and her tiny dog then came in 2 old peoples who live there. We hung out till closing (11:30) and Nicky came picked us up and brought us home. By the way drinking and driving here is such a problem that the legal limit is so low that you cant even have 1 drink and drive home in an hour. Ive come to the conclusion that they think people are crashing at night because the crappy roads not because of drinking and driving. Seriously driving on a crappy road at night with no road painting lines is a scary task lol

so that's it. Hope you enjoy. Keep in touch guys and sorry