Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 30

Day 30 marking our last full day in Fermoy. Been a good time here. But it's time to move on to bigger and better things. This small town can't handle a Devlin. 

Speaking of devlins it's funny to hear of so many of them. I've never seen one in person who is a Devlin. So it's just amusing that when I'm at home and someone asks for my name I have to say Devlin, D E V L I N  and spell it out right. Well here I'm like mumbling Devlin when someone asks my name and they get it right away. Because there are lots of them here. I like it. I feel at home. But the name Bryant isn't normal. So I've been just saying bryan Devlin and people are like..."you Irish?" I think it's funny. 

Today was nice. I woke up and right away went to writing the code. Lots and lots of work. And I don't have to completed now. I'll have to work on it when I get home. But... It's alot of work and I'm on vacation so I can't be too hard on myself. 

After lunch time Beni, the Kenya sister meet us at the brothers take away shop. We had a cup of coffee and then went to meet beni's mom!!! I was very excited to meet her. She has told me all about her while I was out in service and everything. So I was really looking forward to meeting her. She is in a assisted living home. And went I met her I was more then happy. She was super sweet and I told her in Swahili "hello mama, nice to meet you, and I love you." Id tell you how to say it. But I'm not sure how to spell it. I would love to learn the language. It's very beautiful!! While I was there I read the daily text in Swahili. I'm not sure how much she understood but she seemed very happy for me to be trying the speak the language and read her the bible in her language. 

After that we went to beni's house for tea. Talked about traveling and international conventions and serving where the need is greater. Such good company she is. Very down to earth and humble. She took us by a site that will be a home for brothers and sisters. It will be ran by brothers and sisters. Will have 18 rooms and two brothers donated €2,000,000 so that way it could be built. I think they called the program jah jarrah. I think. Very cool!! 

Beni brought us to some other sites we haven't seen on the trip yet and then back to our house for a going away party thing. Just a small one with some good cooking! Mmm. It was a stu thing. But it was cooked to perfection. Then we watched the lorax. I almost cried but there was too many people there. 

Sorry to rush the blog. I'm tired and wanna go to bed. I'll let you know what happens tmrw. It was a good-weird long day that you may want to hear about. I have pics I think I'll be able to get depending on Internet.