Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 9

My computer isn't working at the house. So I gotta use my phone. I think it working. So this will kinda be a test I'm not gonna put too many details out. Because I know what happened last time I did that. When the Internet wasnt working too proper. Lol lost 2 hours of my time is what. 

   Anyway. Can't wait to tell you guys about what went on yesterday. Lol. 

   Fun fun fun.  Not really fun things. But it's not home and work.   

   Ok. So we wake up Friday morning. 4:00am! We went to bed at 2:00am. So not much sleep. Don't forget that we're 5 hours ahead. So getting used to sleeping at diff times has been a challenge. Ok. So anyway we go to hotel reception and ask. What are the bus times. He says the bus is over there.... (Behind some bushes) and it comes at 5:29. So we scurry eat our food (Starbucks breakfast sandwich. {bacon egg and mushrooms}) now it's dark outside and 5:10. We wanna be a little early to be sure not To miss it. Well we read the sign and the "308" bus, the one that goes to the airport, isn't on the sign. So... Well we 
decided we should wait a few to see if it comes at 5:29. Well it starts to rain... And we didn't pack out rain jackets. Haha so here we are 19 mins to go till the bus comes. And it's dark and raining. Ok. Well 5:29 comes around. And no sign of the bus. And cars are zooming past us. And it's in a blind turn. So we can't flag the few cars and trucks that go by and ask them where the bus is. Anyway.  So I start to look a little more and behind the sign is another that says our bus will come at 5:39. So that was fun.  :) the rain stopped at 5:35. That was a trip. Had to tell you. 
   So we go to the airport check in and 45 mins after getting there we fly out to Dublin. It was 65 F leaving London and landing in Dublin it was 55F. Quite a bit different. Ok. We land get our luggage ($60 to leave it there for a few days!) and go pick up our rental car. 

   Ok, this was weird. Haha. Got out little car called a "cilo" it's made by some French company. Logo looks like this "<>" haha this was so weird. Immediately I was shocked when I tried to sit in the driver seat but it was the passenger seat. Also the shifter is in the middle of the car but you shift with your left hand. I'm still used to it. We drive over a few miles to a store owned by "best buy" to get a phone card. Which now I'm using. We have data unlimited text and call for €30. We got this because of GPS. Because where were going to be going to is 3.5 hours away and he last hour doesn't have signs and road names and it's out in the middle of nowhere. :) but pretty much all of Ireland is like that. I've seen movies and cars on the wrong side of the road before. But it is just so weird getting used to this. :) so funny. 

   So we get to there house. Bu the way The address is a name, a town, and a county. That's how you type it in GPS. Meet Stella (very nice English lady.) we hang out with her for an hour until the kids and dad gets home. Anyway we talked a bit all of us. Very fun and nice family. There very proper. The dads name is Mike the daughter of 16 is Hannah. And the son Creag is 17.... Anyway. The dad. First impression. Very funny. The jokes are a little lame. :) if your reading this mike sorry. ;) but the humor is just a little diff. It's very much fun btw. The daughter Hannah is pretty funny. She is like me as-far-as the hyper part. She talked alot and is pretty loud. The boy Creag is cool too. He like games and is pretty quite like. Well compared to his sister. He actually is funny. 

The parents are English and the kids are Irish. And you can deft see a difference in the way they speak. We played some games on the Xbox watched ice age 4 and went to bed. I'll let you know what happens the next day guys.  Take care and talk soon!!!    

Here is a pic of the family. Haha. Pretty hard to get this photo. In mikes hands is a stuffed "easog" it's Irish for stote. I'm still not sure what it is. Anyway this is them. Ttyl guys!