Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 22

Day 22. Ok since you guys have been so good, I am going to have to reward you guys with a couple pics! It only took a few hours to get them to load but i got some pictures finally! ;) I hope you like them. I even put it at the beginning of the blog, so that way you dont have to read it. lol By the way i have 2271 views on the blog. That means you guys are actually reading it. Glad you like it and here is the pics.

This picture is of the famous cliffs of Moher. I love how the cliffs rocks are layered. That was chelseas fav part. And my fav part is just how green they are! I like how the wavs crash at the bottom of the cliffs. But your so high that you cant hear them. In this picture you can even see little dots on top of the cliffs. Those dots are acually people. The eye pics that up better then the picture. But its pretty cool.

This picture is of king john castle i think. Its im Limerick. I really like this one because the circle towers and the flags look cool. I also like how its on the water. Thats not that special as almost everyone we have seen is on the water. But this one you can acually walk to the other side of it by bridge. I ran because we were running late. But it was fun. This picture came out really good! It looks better here then it does in person.

Ok time to start the days blog. What did i do yesterday? OH ya! I went out in the ministry!!! haha whats new?? I should have a good start to the service year at this rate! No but seriously this was no ordinary day out in service! It was a cold windy smelly day. You see... I did the table witnessing. It was at the local Market. Ya sounds good. But just let me rant for a sec. IT WAS COLD! haha and i forgot my jacket. 
   I did have fun tho! It was a very fun time. So reamber that brother i was telling you guys about earlier? The one who has the greatest expressions? He did the watchtower study and i went out in service with him last weekend.. Anyway it was him and me that went. He is such a sweet brother. Well everyone is but this guy is just a little extra nice. I think he wants me to move here or something. lol 
  So when we get there its drizzling.... Whats new huh? Its like constant light rain. Not terrible but just enough to drive you crazy! lol. He said to me that alot of people in Ireland had depression. And I said, "YA, I see why!" The rain is driving me crazy. The funny thing is that the rain stopped, but it was still cold and windy. But everyone who walked by would say 'nice day huh' while i was sitting there cooped up in a ball in my rain jacket. 
   Ok for the first hour we were standing by the table. As we didnt have the chairs or the "box" im not sure what this box is but it wasnt there. lol Anyway we only had a few mags and tracts. Im sitting here thinking, man this isnt enough mags, with how many I have been placing our in the door to door work. But No. it was enough. lol EVERYONE walked by and not one picked up the mags. haha You would say it was a blow huh? No Still had lots of fun. 
   So after the first hour i coudnt stand anymore so Martin was so nice and asked me if i want some tea. He made me some tea and even a sandwich. I thought that was so nice. I love how everyone here thinks about others. SO after tea he said i can go sit in the car since my feat hurt. I didnt do that as it would hurt my pride more. ;) So we moved the table over to the other side of the FRESH FISH van. There was a bench there. That was nice! I could sit!!!! YAY. And i didnt have to have the smell of nasty fresh fish come and burn my nostril hairs anymore. 
   So now were sitting and this is when the fun starts! lol This crazy lady was set up there selling her soaps. Woe she sold alot of soap. It seams like everyone in the town of 4000 people were coming to buy her stupid soap. lol. But inbetween sales she would come pester us. She was very loud (worse them me) and asking questions to be annoying. And even telling people to come and get our information. Well no one would take it because of her. Well no one would take it anyway. But she deff was not helping. It was funny the reactions people would give us. One old man was looking at the table. And i said to him, "there free if you would like one sr." He said "... No im ok, I have enough rubbish at home already" lol wow i laughed so hard. I cant belive he had the guts to say that. Its been one of the first rude people i have meet so far. Im pretty sure that no one grabbed the info because they dont want anyone to see that they took the mags. At there home eveyone take the mags but in front of other people they wouldnt because they didnt want people to think anything weird about them. Its understandable. BUT... We did have some good conversations. Everyone know martin so they would stop by and say hi. He is respected in that town cuz thats where he grew up. He used to be a bad person and everyone watched him change because he learnt the truth. That was back in the 80's i think. 
   After 4 hours of table witnessing we went to grab some lunch at this brothers "take away" restaurant. Its not fast food because it takes 1 hour to eat and you sit down, But everyone calls take aways fast food here. They dont know what fast food is. It was very good! It felt like i was eating at home. It felt like i was eating at 5 guys. But with better fries very good tea and a little less good of a burger. When we were done i went to go pay. But Martin paid for me! How nice was that?? I feel like a king here lol. But still i would never live here. The weather is too crappy. lol
   After service i went home took a nap... again, and then woke up studied for the meeting and got dressed. The meeting was great! This Italian brother did most of it, I think they only have like 3 elders. But his accent is awesome! lol I wanna go to Italy, Ill i need to do is learn the language. 
   Anyway chelsea and i have been enjoying HULU again! After meeting we stayed up and watched some of our fav shows and went to bed. All in all it was a good day. 

Talk to you guys later!!!!!