Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 16

Today's blog is about our trip from Galway to Fermoy  county cork. And this was a fun trip. 

   We slept great last night. Oh man. Except all the crazy people partying last night woke us up in the morning. But other then that. It was nice sleep. 

   Ok. So I brought Chelsea back to the shops in the morning to get a few things. Like coffee. Breakfast and some Souvenirs. The traffic was horrible. Even on the morning. It was like driving in NYC. I hated it. So glad were leaving. 

   We get in the car. And this coffee was leaking. Out of the lid. Keep in mind it's pretty difficult to drive in traffic, look at directions, and mix in sugar in you coffee, all in the smallest car in the world.  So as Chelsea tries to put the lid back on she squeezes the side of the cup at the same time. I'm pretty sure this go well I'm thinking. Anyway. Bam!! Haha. She splatters the coffee everywhere. Nice hot coffee on my lap and arm. Good times. 

   So we travel down to the cliffs of moher. Side note. It's been really nice to go back to maps and no GPS. All tho you make a few wrong turns it has been fun. As we're going down we found another few castles. Really fun to just stop whenever and get out and check out the castles. The roads we drove on today were nice!!! Way wider and smother then up in county mayo. Still keep in mind there not as good nearly as even Asheville roads. 

   So we finally get to the cliffs and pull into the parking lot. And there is a woman there and she tells us €6 a person. I said uh. No. I'll go find parking myself. All they are doing is charging for parking. That's just ridiculous to me. I realize that I saw a small tiny pull off about .5 km away. So I turn my tiny Clio around and find that it's nice to have a small car. So we park there, pack our valuables and walk to the cliffs..... Thousands of people! Oh my goodness. So many ppl. I couldn't wait to leave. Lol. But.  If you look past the people there really was some beautiful views. Seriously. So pretty. The cliffs weren't like the other ones. They were vertical. I think 750 feet. There was a wall all the way around the cliffs. I heard lots of people go there to kill themselves. Prolly because it's always raining!!! Haha. But today. It was nice. :) sunnyish and not raining!!!  We were up there for maybe 15 mins. It was nice to not have to pay for the stupid parking and sneak up there. That way I didn't feel bad and spend hours up there to get my monies worth. 

   After that we head to limerick. Saw the coolest castle. Spent a little time there and headed to the Jones house. Can't wait to meet them.  On Facebook they seem really cool and funny. When we met them it was true. We stayed up till 12:30  drinking beer and talking. Had loads of fun. There names are Nathanial and nicola   And there kids are Madelin and amilee. I'm not sure how to spell so I hope that's right. Marty. They loved there care packs. 

Anyway it was a good day and well let you know what happens tmrw.