Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 7

OK day 7 here we go.

   This was our trip to london. It was ok. Just to recap if you wanna just read the first sentence... We walked around forever and saw touristy things! There ya go now if you don't wanna read the rest your good to go! :)
   Or if you wanna read what we did ill write it for you. Maybe give you a few photos if you would like, rite? Oh my im starting to even type like these weirdos haha. English ppl are weird except @stuart. He is even weirder. Sorry buddy your not feeling good and we didnt get to see you in london. Hope you get to come to Ireland and visit me!

    Ok to start our day...
We wake up at 12:30. haha ya if you read yesterdays blog you will see how little sleep we got. So sleeping in was a lil nice. Keep in mind here if its 12:30 then back home its really 7:30. We normally wake up at 7:30 so looks like our BODY clock was right! Anyway the hotel person was really nice and didn't charge us for checking out late. I was happy about that.
    So we take a 55 min bus ride for 8 pounds (or quid)  not too bad per person i think. Anyway. So we get to downtown London and walk first to the "London Bridge" I thought it was tower bridge but i was wrong. Took .6 miles but i made it to a 2.5 mile walk haha got lost. There maps had north pointing down! I went the wrong way not cuz i cant read maps it was because these ppl do everything backwards! So we get to london bridge and can see Tower Bridge across the way. Here is a pic.
This was fun taking this pic... Chelsea tried 5 times before she got it right haha. Se was trying to take it from across the street and busses kept getting in the way! ;) Cute

   So after we see this thing (boring) haha we go get Pizza then walk 2.9 miles to our Hotel. (guys keep in mind were walking with our luggage on our backs. I have about 15lbs chelsea has about 10lbs. So these walks hurt you! 

   So we are walking to our hotel kinda just taking our time. We go to our hotel and they say we get internet right? Well NOTHING worked!!!!! Seriously annoyed! haha no Facebook no Google like any website that i use we cant access. So we left (now dark time) We were going to walk to go see Big Ben. We walked passed "buckingham palace" I guess where the queen lives. Oh ya it was a let down. No guards! Well there was guards but it was like normal guards like our cops. Ok so we made it to Big Ben like 1.5 miles away. 

After seeing that we saw this 250 foot ferris wheel. Cost $25 USD to go up!!! haha heck no. here is a pic tho. Kinda cool looking.

After that... Well not much. We ate some really good Indian food. Oh way good. The people who worked there didnt even speak english. It not like if they even spoke English we would understand. lol these ppl are really hard to understand! haha It takes alot of focus to be able to pick anything up. There has been alot of confusion lately. Anyway we went back to our dinky hotel and went to bed.