Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 18

18 days... Been a long time. Slightly starting to get just a tad homesick. It's a good thing I love it here. Cork is so much nicer as far as weather. Co. Mayo is colder and it rains alot more. 

Today's blog is another boring one. Sorry my life hasn't been so eventful for you! Haha. But really. It makes you have writers block when there is nothing to write about. 

One thing I was thinking about. I was thinking about moving out of the country right? Well it doesn't depend on where you move to. Our brothers and sisters is what makes it. You can move all the way across the world in some ho dunk town and it's going to feel like you are at home. Except everywhere is better then at home because the grass is always greener right? By the way this hall has 40 publishers and I think 16 pioneers! Isn't that crazy??? In our hall we have over 80 publishers and I think 12 pioneers. So as you can imagine being in the hall will be alot of fun and working in the ministry will be easy. ;) 

I don't know where I'm going with this. But I did want to give you guys these small little tid bits. I haven't even started telling you about what went on today! Haha. Ok. So it's Sunday so what does that mean? Meeting day!!!! I'm excited to go to the meeting because it will be the first time going while we have been here in cork. But the meeting is at 10:30am and I'm used to getting up at 10:30 for meeting. So I have to adjust. I woke up at 8:00 and studied my watchtower. All tho I should have gotten up at 5:00 because there is so much information on this study lesson. So much extra research. 
Ok so we get to the meeting. And it's really cute. Really small and everyone was saying hello and making us feel welcome. They all knew we were coming because of the jones's letting them know. I feel bad I let them all down. Lol were not nearly that special. But still it was nice. Meeting was nice too. The brother I worked out in service on sat did the watchtower lesson. He used to be in the army and into some crazy things. Now that he found the truth he is so happy and he has this crazy smile and is so happy!!! His expressions are fantastic and is so enthusiastic. I need to be more like him. :) so one day I would like to be like that while giving a talk or conducting lessons. 

After meeting we go home. Chelsea takes a small nap and I literally start writing my new website. Nathanial has been such a help. I could never do it without him. 

You know how when someone asks you where are you from? And you say... Idk fl. Then they say oh your from fl? Do you know this person? Haha. Well someone in the hall said that. They said your from the states? Do you know this person? He actually goes beyond that!!! Haha he brought them over the the jones's house. Haha. Idk. They were these old weird people. I think there was 4 of them. And they talked the full time!!! Seriously. I tuned them out and kept quite. You know that's not normal. No wonder people don't like Americans. Haha. These old people are giving us a bad name! 

Ok that's all I got to say! Nice talking to you guys. Take care! 

This is a Kenya sister we love! She is a pioneer and is so nice and cute! 

Oh and this hurt. Haha. 50 clothes pins. :)