Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 31

Crazy!!! Lol. I can't believe I've been gone this long. Doesn't feel like it. I kinda wanna be home but then, I don't wanna be. Just a few things I miss... Track days. My study's and work. I even miss all the friends at the hall. I know!! How could I miss those guys. Haha. But I do. I was thinking about a few of you. 

Well today's blog was a long one. But after 30 posts the quality may go down. It may be less interesting. But it will cover all of what we did. You just won't get the funny extra disaster story's of what happened in between.  

So we left Fermoy. And the sun was up. When we drove to Dublin it was sunny the whole time. :) wow. Now I see it being a possibility to live here. But I forget that the rest of the time is rubbish with the weather. 

We start out journey very well. Moving fast and then we make our first stop at cahir castle. We didn't go in. Cuz it looked kinda lame. So we got back in the car back on the hwy then to the next castle. It was called rock of cashel. We find want to pay to go in. Or pay for parking. But when we got to this cute little town we found free parking on a side hobo looking side street. Parked the car and walked to the castle. We saw tons and tons of people walking in with what looked to be your groups. Maybe off a couch bus. So instead of paying €6 per person we kinda snuk in past that whole paying station. When we got in I realized right away that it was worth all of €6 per person! Oh my. It was beautiful!!!

Walls fallen off the building and this thing was huge. It was set up on a hill with walls all around the castle. There was a set up on the inside with what looks like it used to be a sacrifice table and some chairs that looked like the 12 apostles. Idk. In not sure what it was but it is really cool. Because all that rock work from back in the day was carved by hand and just so amazingly beautiful. And also to see it standing from hundreds of years later. 

It's cool also because out side of the castles walls you can still see little huts from where the other people would live. 

What they would do is when the castle would be under attack all the people would run into the castle for cover while the solders would battle. It's possible I could be wrong but it's what I think is right. 

After that we get back on the road. Now were about 2.5 hours into our 1.75 hour trip to Dublin. But were on vacation. It can take a long time. 

So we found out that there is a game tonight. A hurling game in Dublin. And not just any game. Like a final game of some sort. A big one. So everyone is going!!! On the way it got a little traffic like.  Then there was an accident and these people can't clean up accidents like we do. When we passed I was expecting to see a 20 car like up with how much traffic there was but no. A small fender bender. But there was 5 fire fighters trucks and 3 police cars. After that. The traffic never picked up. And we had 70km more to go. We finally got to the tram station. So you park out of the city and ride the train into the city. Well that what we do. We lay €9.70 for our tickets in and the return. But since the game is going on tonight we found out that no one was paying. So pretty much we paid for nothing. Then everyone crams into the "Luas" like a human sardine can and I'm thinking ok this won't be too bad. It will move fast and we will get there in 10 mins at most. Well this train is above ground and has to wait at red lights and wait for traffic and everything. So we were in the train thing for 40 mins!!! Everyone was sweeting including me and dying!!! So our 1.75 hour trip became 5.5 hours to get to the center!!! 

It was cool we had fun shopping and lookin around and just relaxing as we walked around the city. 

After that we go back to the train station and look!! 

Billions of people walking our way!!! The game let out. And guess where there going! .... To the train station to ride back to there cars. But we didn't know that until we got to the train station. If we knew that then we would have moved a little faster. Because there was a line of people that seriously wrapped around the block. It goes like this. We walk to the station to get on. And the security guys were yelling saying to get into the line. And points. So we are like ok. So we walk to the end of the building and look it goes around the building. The. We're like... Great. It goes to that end. So... We walk to the end and look. It goes even further!!! All the way to the end of that side of the building!!! And again!!! Haha seriously??? How about no. So we are a little annoyed so we just Walk to the stop up the street. It about a 15 mins walk. But it sure beats that stupid line. Lol. We get on the next stop and again. We pack in with these smelly drunk people. Half happy yelling in victory and the other half mad and rude and upset about there team loosing. So... After us both getting mounted by complete strangers we get back to the car. We were the second to last stop out of 18 or so stops. So that was nice. :) this time it only took 30 mins. 

We get the the car and head to the sisters house that were staying at. Because the game was tonight hotels were all booked up. And the cheapest hotel was $260 so beni found us a place to stay. She was about 10 miles away. But we kinda got lost on the way to her house. This is the first time we got lost!!! We may have taken a wrong turn on the trip. But this is the first time we actually had no clue where we were going. But we found our way. We found wifi and were able to find our location.  By the way there are no street signs even in the city. Pretty dumb. We get the the house and this sister cooked us dinner. At 9:30 at night. Tons and tons of authentic spicy amazing african Guiana food. I was so hungry and still couldn't hardly finish the food. It's amazing how nice these people are. We have had so much food made for us this trip I think we only ate out maybe 4 times this whole time in Dublin. That alot less then everyday like we do back home. 
Just look at this meal. Mmm. :) 

So we ate and ate and ate until we fell asleep. Then the sister took out dishes washed them and then made our beds. I was so tired so as soon as I laid down I fell asleep and don't remember too much of what happened after that. Lol.

 Ok guys. 

That's it. I'll see you soon and I'll let you know how our day in dublin tmrw goes!!! Night!!