Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 29

And it's time to start getting excited. Tmrw will be our last day in Fermoy and sat and sun will be in Dublin. 

Today was also the last day I'm going out In service and sure was it a fun day. Table witnessing. You know how that goes. Hanging out with the locals at the fresh market. 
Seriously. A great place to people watch. I can do that all day. 

As I'm hanging out on the bench with the local weirdo people's Martin comes back to me with a book signed to me and Chelsea from some famous writer from cork. I think. Since he is famous I went to go meet him. He said he was famous and has traveled all over the world. He was some old guy that i could hardly understand. I just did what I was told to do... Smile and nod my head. It went pretty good. Until he asked me a question. It's a good thing I can read his books. It really is a funny book. 
I asked Martin what I read in the book "feck off you noisy git" because it looks funny. And he just started laughing. I'm glad I can amuse people even in a diff culture. It was fun. 
After service I went home and took a small nap the. Went to writing the stupid code for the website. I admire people who do this for a living. It really takes a special person to deal with all that annoying mess. If you ever wanna build a site you let me know. I have a guy that would take care of that. 

Ok. So I'll keep you posted when I finish it. Btw people. I officially hit 3000 views on the blog. 3000 views and all those people I feel so bad for. 

Ok. So after meeting me said goodby to everyone and took some pics. 

These elders were the best I'm gonna miss them. 
And this is our table for witnessing. And this is a cup of tea and sandwich Martin made for me.  

And yes. Everyone keeps asking about the beard. Let me tell you all at once. Yes you can have a beard in Ireland. If I couldn't have one  I would not be wearing one. Lol. Not all of Ireland is the same tho. In different parts the men must wear a beard or your considered girly. In some parts you can't have one. But most halls you just get a few brothers wearing them. Not everyone has them. 

Ok that's all I got for you guys.