Sunday, December 1, 2013

Finish it off!!!

It was a blast in Ireland! And i want to go back, even with the terrible weather! lol Anyway after 30+ hours of editing here is the video I made! I hope you enjoy it and we will talk soon guys!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 34

Ok. So after all the travel today we still don't come home. Not yet. Today is a special day. After a few years of not seeing my dad today is a day where we hang out. 

Pretty fun. Actually really really fun. And just in case he reads this... He even did good. Oh ya!!! I forgot to tell you what we were doing! 

It was nice. We went cable wake boarding. Man was that fun. It's been about 5 years since I've stood up on one so I was a little nervous. But. First try and I stood up. I went about 20 feet and bam. I was down. Right in front of everyone watching. Felt pretty dumb. But I put my ego asides me tried again. This time I made it all the way around the cable park without falling. By the end of one hour dads old age kicked in and he took a nap. Well a break. Lol. At this point I have already lost my POV camera. That's a point of view video camera. I fell really hard at one point that it got knocked off my helmet and it's mount. By this time I already have torn a callus off my left hand. But. I paid for two hours and was determined to get better. 

I even went to the "big advanced" park and before I got kicked out from that side I landed a board slide across a rail thing. And even fell on my back too. Pretty fun. So I went back to the small side that slowed down to 18 mph instead of 22 and I did some jumps and even hit the big one on this side. I say big but in reality it's about 4' high. When your coming up to it. It looks like 40' lol

After wake boarding we all went to Cheesecake Factory. Chelsea loves that place! So she was excited. You know what else Chelsea likes to do? Shop. So. After we ate we all went to ikea right across the street. That was fun. Acting like a little kid again.  My dad is an instigator. I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out. Maybe they thought we had special needs. Lol. It was alot of fun and after only buying a couple of things that we don't really need we left. Went home and I was beat. Felt like 12 midnight. But no. It was 8:30. I was done for the day. Haha. In Ireland time that would be 1:30am so my body is still used to that time. 

One more blog after this... 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 33

Ugh What a day! Seriously such a long long day. Today's blog is just about our travels back to the states. Lets get started shall we?

Ok so we woke up at 7:45 and got ready to leave. I knew it was going to be a good day because when i went downstairs to go get something out of the car for Chelsea.... I then realized that i forgot the keys.... So i had to go back upstairs to get the keys. And keep this in mind were in a rush to catch our flight.

So we leave the hotel and google maps said 18 mins. Well it took us 35 mins! Traffic was really REALLY bad! I was like wow. what a start. lol Then when we get to the car rental ppl there is 4 other people in line trying to return the cars too. I thought for sure we would miss our flight. But when we get inside the airport Delta tells us that our flight is OVERBOOKED! An that we will need to be put on a later flight. So all that rushing for nothing.

1st They tell us that we need to fly with air linges. From DUB to JFK. Then Delta from JFK to MCO. They said that its no problem that we will only be 4 hours later then before. And that a 1 hour layover is plenty long. In fact they say that we wont even have to leave the terminal. So we can buy our Duty Free items and not worry about going back thru security. But they did give us $20 breakfast and coffee vouchers! That was nice since we didn't eat breakfast yet.

ok well now were relaxing and eating and just enjoying ourselves chit chatting and having fun making fun of weird people walking by.

We go thru security and go to buy some Irish whisky. We finally settled on this one bottle. MMMmmmm so good i think it was called centurion ten or something like that. You cant buy it anywhere besides Ireland. You cant even get it in northern Ireland. Anyway we pulled out 3 bottles and went to check out... Well they say that we cant buy it Because there going to take it from us... So i say why would they take it??? We don't have to go thru security. But this little weird kid with a lisp and a stutter says no we have to go thru security and we cant bring the bottles. Well we asked 5 people about this and 2 people say that we can get it 2 ppl say that we cant get it and 1 person doesn't have a clue. So we decided to play it safe. But now after hearing them, i start to get worried about our 1 hour layover. Well guess what??? Our air linges flight is delayed... Then its not delayed then its delayed again. But then only 15 mins delayed but then went back to a 30 min delay.

So now our 1 hour layover went to 30 mins. But there is a 50/50 chance we have to go thru security. I guess we will worry about it when we get there.

So we get on the plane and because they did US customs in DUB thy consider our international flight a domestic one. You know what that means? no Free drinks! I was so annoyed, because we need that right now. haha

ok so we get to JFK and we have 30 mins to get on our plane. We run out of the terminal and find out that we will have to go to the other terminal across the airport. But the tram that runs from one terminal to the next is out of order. So we have to walk outside from one building to the next. And at this point we have 20 mins!!

We get our tickets from Delta and run to security. The lady stopped us and gave Chelsea a hard time because she was so stressed out that we will be late and no one there cared. So we waited to go thru security behind a line of really old people learning how to go thru security and forgetting about everything in there pockets.

Then we go to our terminal following the signs and guess what? Our terminal isn't actually there... its the only one that we have to get on a bus and ride it across the airstrip to the terminal.

so after running all this way and sweating and being annoyed we get to our plane with 2 mins to spare. But there is a line. a big one. So were asking around thinking that our plane left and that these people are waiting for the next flight... But no it was our plane. It was running late too. So we got lucky again. All these bad things keep happening but there is a way out each time. So if you look at the bright side it did work out.

We get to Orlando and go to get our bags.... Well after waiting for them to show up from that weird conveyor belt thing, our bags never show up. So we go ask the delta people and they say no one put tracking on our bags!

After 45 mins they find it and tell us that they will be flown the next day and we will get it 4-6 hours after it arrives.

anyway After we leave the Airport 15 mins away Chelsea realized she left her $100 temperpedic pillow at the airport! haha We went back and it was there.

So lets just say that this was a long annoying day that never ended.

Don't forget that i cant sleep on airplanes. And we were flying back in time. So when we finally got home in Orlando it was 12:00am EST but back in Ireland it is 5:00am. So basically i was extremely tired and needed some sleep.

Sorry for all the ranting. But it needed to be done! haha i needed to get it out and vent. Some of you may be annoyed by that, But some of you may like it because you may have had a bad day too and this should make you feel better about yours. ;)

Ok guys let you know how tmrw goes!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 32

Last day in Ireland. This was actually a really fun day. We just kinda took it easy. And relaxed as we saw the city of Dublin. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we weren't dying to come home. Like when in Costa Rica we were so happy to leave. But this place... Idk. Lets just say it's that  good. Ya know what I mean? But still I need to come home and work and hang out with our friends. You know who you are... Lol. Everyone of you!!! You will have to call me when we get back and we can come over for dinner and talk. But not about the trip. Because you already know pretty much everything about it. Lol. 

Ok. Shall I tell you about our day? Sure. Fine. I'll tell you. Again. We had our food made for us. I would consider this a "mini Irish" it's so nice. The sister had to rush and get ready for meeting and she made us breakfast? This is better then southern hospitality. We aren't going to meeting to day. It's not like we didn't wanna go. We did. But we didn't have time to get ready. We had to iron our cloths and and go get them out of the car. But It didn't look like a possibility. I wish we went. It would have been nice to meet more of the brothers. 

Instead we went to the Dublin zoo!! :) yay. We didn't want to go and walk all around the city. We didn't wanna walk at all to be honest. But I guess it's not possible because you have to walk at zoos. 

We were told that parking at the zoo is impossible. But look at my parking spot right in front of the park!!! 

That's actually really impressive that I did that. I didn't think I could. I was the 3rd closest to the park. I'm the red car btw. And I gave the blue car more room cuz the car in front of him didn't give him much room. But can you believe I did that without hitting the other cars. Lol. It was fun. 

Ok at the zoo we had so much fun.  We walked really slow. Enjoyed ourselves. Saw lions leopards monkeys rhino hippo zebra and much more. But our faves were the sea lions and the penguins :)  they were so cute. 

After that on the way to the hotel we stopped at the jail. It's a jail that was built long ago to hang and put away anyone who wouldn't join the army. There is alot more to it I think. We stopped took a few pics and the went to the hotel. It was in Dublin so it wasnt far. We checked in rested for 15 mins then looked for good place to eat. That part took 30 mins. Haha. We finally found a Chinese place all the locals go to. It was hard to find on the Internet. But alot of locals left reviews. I couldn't find a website but I didn't think much of it. So we drove there found parking right near the restaurant. I was excited because parking in the city isnt easy. But... Guess what. There closed. So we went to plan B. a thai food  restaurant. Mmmmm  I love thai. It was called Saba and it had like 250 reviews and was 4.5 stars. How awesome was that.  A little pricy but so worth it. It was also a 2.5 km walk. We didn't think that was a bad walk until it was too late. The walk back felt like twice as long. Lol. Really bad idea. I got the most spicy thing on the menu. Wow was it good. Not to spicy to eat because Irish people don't like spicy. I saw a poster in the bathroom  that there was only thai chefs in the kitchen. I can believe it. It was that good!! Just look at the desert. Carmel pineapple with ice cream. 

Oh I forgot. On the way to the restaurant we stopped by the Dublin castle. Then after we ate we walked by Trinity collage. 

Then before we got back to the car we stopped by for a pint. Had some Guinness and some other beer you can't get in the states. We drank the beers on this roof top bar and just relaxed and talked. As no one was upstairs in the coldish weather. 

We drove back to the hotel then wrote the blog and went to bed. It was a good long day. So we were pretty tired. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 31

Crazy!!! Lol. I can't believe I've been gone this long. Doesn't feel like it. I kinda wanna be home but then, I don't wanna be. Just a few things I miss... Track days. My study's and work. I even miss all the friends at the hall. I know!! How could I miss those guys. Haha. But I do. I was thinking about a few of you. 

Well today's blog was a long one. But after 30 posts the quality may go down. It may be less interesting. But it will cover all of what we did. You just won't get the funny extra disaster story's of what happened in between.  

So we left Fermoy. And the sun was up. When we drove to Dublin it was sunny the whole time. :) wow. Now I see it being a possibility to live here. But I forget that the rest of the time is rubbish with the weather. 

We start out journey very well. Moving fast and then we make our first stop at cahir castle. We didn't go in. Cuz it looked kinda lame. So we got back in the car back on the hwy then to the next castle. It was called rock of cashel. We find want to pay to go in. Or pay for parking. But when we got to this cute little town we found free parking on a side hobo looking side street. Parked the car and walked to the castle. We saw tons and tons of people walking in with what looked to be your groups. Maybe off a couch bus. So instead of paying €6 per person we kinda snuk in past that whole paying station. When we got in I realized right away that it was worth all of €6 per person! Oh my. It was beautiful!!!

Walls fallen off the building and this thing was huge. It was set up on a hill with walls all around the castle. There was a set up on the inside with what looks like it used to be a sacrifice table and some chairs that looked like the 12 apostles. Idk. In not sure what it was but it is really cool. Because all that rock work from back in the day was carved by hand and just so amazingly beautiful. And also to see it standing from hundreds of years later. 

It's cool also because out side of the castles walls you can still see little huts from where the other people would live. 

What they would do is when the castle would be under attack all the people would run into the castle for cover while the solders would battle. It's possible I could be wrong but it's what I think is right. 

After that we get back on the road. Now were about 2.5 hours into our 1.75 hour trip to Dublin. But were on vacation. It can take a long time. 

So we found out that there is a game tonight. A hurling game in Dublin. And not just any game. Like a final game of some sort. A big one. So everyone is going!!! On the way it got a little traffic like.  Then there was an accident and these people can't clean up accidents like we do. When we passed I was expecting to see a 20 car like up with how much traffic there was but no. A small fender bender. But there was 5 fire fighters trucks and 3 police cars. After that. The traffic never picked up. And we had 70km more to go. We finally got to the tram station. So you park out of the city and ride the train into the city. Well that what we do. We lay €9.70 for our tickets in and the return. But since the game is going on tonight we found out that no one was paying. So pretty much we paid for nothing. Then everyone crams into the "Luas" like a human sardine can and I'm thinking ok this won't be too bad. It will move fast and we will get there in 10 mins at most. Well this train is above ground and has to wait at red lights and wait for traffic and everything. So we were in the train thing for 40 mins!!! Everyone was sweeting including me and dying!!! So our 1.75 hour trip became 5.5 hours to get to the center!!! 

It was cool we had fun shopping and lookin around and just relaxing as we walked around the city. 

After that we go back to the train station and look!! 

Billions of people walking our way!!! The game let out. And guess where there going! .... To the train station to ride back to there cars. But we didn't know that until we got to the train station. If we knew that then we would have moved a little faster. Because there was a line of people that seriously wrapped around the block. It goes like this. We walk to the station to get on. And the security guys were yelling saying to get into the line. And points. So we are like ok. So we walk to the end of the building and look it goes around the building. The. We're like... Great. It goes to that end. So... We walk to the end and look. It goes even further!!! All the way to the end of that side of the building!!! And again!!! Haha seriously??? How about no. So we are a little annoyed so we just Walk to the stop up the street. It about a 15 mins walk. But it sure beats that stupid line. Lol. We get on the next stop and again. We pack in with these smelly drunk people. Half happy yelling in victory and the other half mad and rude and upset about there team loosing. So... After us both getting mounted by complete strangers we get back to the car. We were the second to last stop out of 18 or so stops. So that was nice. :) this time it only took 30 mins. 

We get the the car and head to the sisters house that were staying at. Because the game was tonight hotels were all booked up. And the cheapest hotel was $260 so beni found us a place to stay. She was about 10 miles away. But we kinda got lost on the way to her house. This is the first time we got lost!!! We may have taken a wrong turn on the trip. But this is the first time we actually had no clue where we were going. But we found our way. We found wifi and were able to find our location.  By the way there are no street signs even in the city. Pretty dumb. We get the the house and this sister cooked us dinner. At 9:30 at night. Tons and tons of authentic spicy amazing african Guiana food. I was so hungry and still couldn't hardly finish the food. It's amazing how nice these people are. We have had so much food made for us this trip I think we only ate out maybe 4 times this whole time in Dublin. That alot less then everyday like we do back home. 
Just look at this meal. Mmm. :) 

So we ate and ate and ate until we fell asleep. Then the sister took out dishes washed them and then made our beds. I was so tired so as soon as I laid down I fell asleep and don't remember too much of what happened after that. Lol.

 Ok guys. 

That's it. I'll see you soon and I'll let you know how our day in dublin tmrw goes!!! Night!! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 30

Day 30 marking our last full day in Fermoy. Been a good time here. But it's time to move on to bigger and better things. This small town can't handle a Devlin. 

Speaking of devlins it's funny to hear of so many of them. I've never seen one in person who is a Devlin. So it's just amusing that when I'm at home and someone asks for my name I have to say Devlin, D E V L I N  and spell it out right. Well here I'm like mumbling Devlin when someone asks my name and they get it right away. Because there are lots of them here. I like it. I feel at home. But the name Bryant isn't normal. So I've been just saying bryan Devlin and people are like..."you Irish?" I think it's funny. 

Today was nice. I woke up and right away went to writing the code. Lots and lots of work. And I don't have to completed now. I'll have to work on it when I get home. But... It's alot of work and I'm on vacation so I can't be too hard on myself. 

After lunch time Beni, the Kenya sister meet us at the brothers take away shop. We had a cup of coffee and then went to meet beni's mom!!! I was very excited to meet her. She has told me all about her while I was out in service and everything. So I was really looking forward to meeting her. She is in a assisted living home. And went I met her I was more then happy. She was super sweet and I told her in Swahili "hello mama, nice to meet you, and I love you." Id tell you how to say it. But I'm not sure how to spell it. I would love to learn the language. It's very beautiful!! While I was there I read the daily text in Swahili. I'm not sure how much she understood but she seemed very happy for me to be trying the speak the language and read her the bible in her language. 

After that we went to beni's house for tea. Talked about traveling and international conventions and serving where the need is greater. Such good company she is. Very down to earth and humble. She took us by a site that will be a home for brothers and sisters. It will be ran by brothers and sisters. Will have 18 rooms and two brothers donated €2,000,000 so that way it could be built. I think they called the program jah jarrah. I think. Very cool!! 

Beni brought us to some other sites we haven't seen on the trip yet and then back to our house for a going away party thing. Just a small one with some good cooking! Mmm. It was a stu thing. But it was cooked to perfection. Then we watched the lorax. I almost cried but there was too many people there. 

Sorry to rush the blog. I'm tired and wanna go to bed. I'll let you know what happens tmrw. It was a good-weird long day that you may want to hear about. I have pics I think I'll be able to get depending on Internet. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 29

And it's time to start getting excited. Tmrw will be our last day in Fermoy and sat and sun will be in Dublin. 

Today was also the last day I'm going out In service and sure was it a fun day. Table witnessing. You know how that goes. Hanging out with the locals at the fresh market. 
Seriously. A great place to people watch. I can do that all day. 

As I'm hanging out on the bench with the local weirdo people's Martin comes back to me with a book signed to me and Chelsea from some famous writer from cork. I think. Since he is famous I went to go meet him. He said he was famous and has traveled all over the world. He was some old guy that i could hardly understand. I just did what I was told to do... Smile and nod my head. It went pretty good. Until he asked me a question. It's a good thing I can read his books. It really is a funny book. 
I asked Martin what I read in the book "feck off you noisy git" because it looks funny. And he just started laughing. I'm glad I can amuse people even in a diff culture. It was fun. 
After service I went home and took a small nap the. Went to writing the stupid code for the website. I admire people who do this for a living. It really takes a special person to deal with all that annoying mess. If you ever wanna build a site you let me know. I have a guy that would take care of that. 

Ok. So I'll keep you posted when I finish it. Btw people. I officially hit 3000 views on the blog. 3000 views and all those people I feel so bad for. 

Ok. So after meeting me said goodby to everyone and took some pics. 

These elders were the best I'm gonna miss them. 
And this is our table for witnessing. And this is a cup of tea and sandwich Martin made for me.  

And yes. Everyone keeps asking about the beard. Let me tell you all at once. Yes you can have a beard in Ireland. If I couldn't have one  I would not be wearing one. Lol. Not all of Ireland is the same tho. In different parts the men must wear a beard or your considered girly. In some parts you can't have one. But most halls you just get a few brothers wearing them. Not everyone has them. 

Ok that's all I got for you guys. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 28

I really hope next time one of you guys go on vacation you write a nice little blog for me and know what it is like to write in agony. I write this thing everyday and dread it. There is a time when I go.. I got nothing better to do right now, but do I really want to write this thing? And because I love you all so much I do it. :) because I know that you guys couldn't possibly live without me for one full day. And if you don't get your "Bryant" fix then what are you to do? Well could you possible even live? Just think about that for a moment.... 

Did you take a min to think about it? If not ill give you another chance....





Ok ok. I'm now convinced that you thought about it. I'm sure you came to the same conclusion that everyone else and even I did... That you could live without me. And without me you would be perfectly fine... But you still read this because you long for the time were I actually may say something funny and make you laugh out loud literally and the stranger across the room scowls at you while you look at your iPad or iPhone. Well guys. Today is the day. Today is that day that you are not going to laugh out loud. At least not by my blogs. It may be from someone you least expect it. But. You do need that. A nice good hard laugh. I hope you get it. Because some of you people reading this thing just take life way too seriously. I don't know who you are but I'm sure someone out there reading this is like that. :) 

I say your not going to  get your laugh today from my blog because in reality I have nothing funny and exciting for you guys. Yesterday was just another boring day in the life of a fermoyian. I don't know what they call people from Fermoy. So lets go with that. 

Yesterday was so boring that I don't even know what I did. Well you can guess.... What do I do everyday here pretty much. We went out in service. Yes your right. I must say it was a good day in service. Because there was no need for a rain coat. And I got to spend time at every door with my lovely wife who will not be reading my blog. (She said she doesn't want to be Embarrassed.... Since when do I'm embarrass Chelsea? ... I've thought about it... Maybe it's best if she doesn't read this) oh ya. So I was out in service and every door I got to work with my beautiful wife. Who does really good In Ireland at door. Way better then me. Side note. If you are going to work out in service and be a pioneer you better love your spouse. Because here. Your basically together everyday unless you make special arrangements. Speaking of special arrangements I make them every time I go out in the ministry. I set the alarm the night before to wake up. That's about it. I don't like to make any other special arrangements. 

We worked till a little after lunch, ignoring the people in the front of the car because they didn't care too much about me, you know because of the whole bee on a string thing. But really nothing else needs to be said about the service day. Chelsea and I had a blast and we laughed all morning to each others jokes consisting of making fun of the Irish. Disclaimer* We love the Irish. ;) 

After service I cat recall taking a nap. All though I'm sure one came in there. But I did spend hours writing the code for the website. That's getting old I must say. But man am I close to finishing that thing. 

For dinner we went and got some pizza and wings with coke. It was a lovely dinner. Lol. I guess you can say an all American dinner. I felt like I was at home but with just a little less quality.  

I miss my coffee at home. I would die for a cup of nice strong coffee! Lol. But this one below looks nice tho huh? I was looking thru the pics and saw this beauty. I just wish it was as good as it looked. Lol. 

Anyway good people thanks for reading and giving my love real meaning. Nice to talk to you and I will keep in touch! Cheers!  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 27

Woe. Man has this month flown by. Only 5 more days. Well from yesterdays post... like I'm doing now i guess it will be 6 more days. But it doesn't mean that there is only 6 more posts. We also have a couple days in FL before we come back home. And! I have a video I'm going to be making that will be posted on this blog.

Time to start blogging... HAHA Sounds like I'm some sort of hipster. lol seriously. Such a dork...

now lets see... Yesterday was a good day. We enjoyed ourselves and the weather allowed us to go outside without a jacket. That was nice. So yesterday we took a trip to Lismore castle. Its deff one of the most impressive castles we have seen so far. But. It isn't my fav. I like the one that we did yesterday because its all beaten up and falling apart and i can climb on it.

So Nat brought us to the castle and on the way he about killed us. I got to experience true Irish driving. Now when i drive here i feel like I'm flying. The speed limit on most of these back roads is 80 KPH and i can hardly get to that speed. And when we come across a car I slow down. Maybe don't hit the breaks but deff get off the gas. Now... On the other hand Nat speeds up. I'm guessing he knows when he is giving the other car enough room when his left mirror starts hitting the over grown grass and trees sitting on the road. Don't forget they drive on the other side of the road here.

side note... People here call the # 3 a tree and a tree is a tree. Its really annoying. EX: I have a kid who is tree... See??? haha in the context you understand. But on top of the accent that you hardly understand it can get a bit annoying. ;) No offense Irish people.

On the way to the castle we stop at this place where some old man back in the day was building his home but ran out of money. But before you get to his home there is 2 Towers at gates. And the guards would live in them. There really cool so let me get you some pics...

This is the main gate really cool looking. It's really big and fancy. Lol

There is another 2 on both sides of the bridge about .3 miles past this one after you go thru the gates you see here. But... I don't have those ones on my phone. so you will have to wait for the video to see those pics... Sorry.

Ok so after our mile hike of having fun climbing these mini castles. we head over to Lismore. Get in the car get to the point to were your just about to throw up from true Irish driving and here is what i see...

This is a shot from the bridge while driving up to it. Now... When we get there were supposed to pay €8 per person. Well nat know people who work there so we kinda sneak in. But it's ok because the owner is like the second most rich person in Europe. And I'm sure he can pass on €34 for now. Oh wait!!! Before we get in the castle we play at the playground. And that was really fun!!! They had a Marry go round and boy did we get that thing spinning. So fast I couldn't hold on anymore and fell out. Wait till I show you the video. To will like it a little more. Lol. 

Ok so we snuck into the castle grounds and looked around the gardens. That was fun. Very pretty. If anyone has ever been to the Biltmore house in Asheville... That doesn't hold a candle to these gardens here. They even had a small apple orchard and pumpkins and some many flowers I've never seen. And from all corners of the gardens you can see the castle. Here is one shot from the other side of the garden. 

Pretty cool huh? After doing this we snuck out the back of the gardens and we and got some food in the cute little town. It was a nice little cafe but really not worth going into detail. 

After eating we head to "The Vee" Ya that's the name, Pretty silly if you ask me... So the forecast all day kept saying partly cloudy having a pic of the sun ya know? Well like nice Irish weather I never saw the sun... Until.... BAM!! As soon as we get to the view there it is! Beautiful view with a nice sunny shot. Like it came out just for us. Before you know it the sun was gone no were in sight or to be seen again. Seriously it came out for 5 mins, just enough for us to take a few pics of the view. That's it. Here is the view...

I don't have a pic of the lake but there is one down there to the left. You cant see it from this angle but i get a pic on our camera not on the phone. The lake is what they call bottomless right? It apparently is really really deep and cold. I say cold but I'm assuming all water here is cold!  maybe this is colder. I must say that the Iphone 5 takes good photos tho huh? Even the one of lismore was taken from a moving car lol

Man this is a long Blog post... Sorry guys. 
But i finally have stuff to talk about and I'm enjoying telling you guys. Now i don't have to make boring day to day life sound amazing. ;)

On the way down the mountain Nicolla sees tourists taking pics. Then she says look tourists and there driving a crappy car. It was a fiat 500... You know the car that just came out in the states a couple years ago. Well we all think there cool and interesting and cute. Well everyone here hates them. They say they are worse then KIAs lol how can anything be worse then a kia? I can say that because i drove one around for a year.

Ok so we get home i write more on the website. That was fun because i got all of the text and pages done. Now i just gotta do all the annoying finishing touches... Thanks to +Christa Ramey i had 80 something changes in spelling and grammar. I think i have that many changes on this one blog but that's not nearly important tho. :) No offence guys. I still care about you.

no its 8:00 and Martin JR. Comes and picks me up for pint. Martin Jr is Martin's son he is the elder i keep talking about. Martin Jr is really cool. Very thought full and kinda quite. I kinda admire that. I wish sometimes i can be a little more quite. He has been giving Chelsea and me so much to do here in this little tiny crappy city. Side note id never live here. There is nothing to do but go out in the ministry. And gas cost so  much id never drive to see friends and do things.

So we go to the pub and get a couple pints. Now this pub is tiny tiny tiny. Its is 3 rooms the size of a bedroom Maybe 10'x10' right. small. And they just sit around without any music and drink and talk. Pretty boring stuff unless you drink alot. That was the plan but beer is super expensive. I'm guessing people here don't care about the cost because the Guinness is so good and Irish need there drinks either way. So ya it was this tiny little local bar and its one of the oldest pubs in Ireland. Ran by this sweet little old Irish woman that i didn't understand a word she said.

In the pub it was just us 4 brothers the owner and her tiny dog then came in 2 old peoples who live there. We hung out till closing (11:30) and Nicky came picked us up and brought us home. By the way drinking and driving here is such a problem that the legal limit is so low that you cant even have 1 drink and drive home in an hour. Ive come to the conclusion that they think people are crashing at night because the crappy roads not because of drinking and driving. Seriously driving on a crappy road at night with no road painting lines is a scary task lol

so that's it. Hope you enjoy. Keep in touch guys and sorry 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

day 26

Day 26

And there is one more week to go. Kinda getting slightly sad. Lol. I could live in this place. If it were slightly more sunny. 

Ok shall I tell you about my day? No!!! Ok I will. I'll let you know what happened. Actually. It was pretty fun of a day. I got to sleep in. Ahhh that never gets old. I think we slept till 9::30. I woke up. Got to writing a little more of the code of this stupid website. That's getting old. Lol why can't you copy and paste from the old site??? Seriously. 

Ok. So Chelsea and I wanted to get out of the house and explore. So we went to the city of Fermoy for the first time. We had a grand if a time. First we run into the Italian brother and his wife. He is the one who owns a couple of take outs. He told us to go to his restaurant and drink a cup of coffee. So that what we did. While we were there we found out that the manager and his wife are from the hall too. So we had a good chat. Also. While we were enjoying our coffee. Martin and his wife had a chat with us too. Sat at our table and had some tea. This is the brother I keep telling you about. The one I keep going out in service with and he is the one that conducts the watchtower study. Anyway. It's funny that's 6 JW's we meet so far. After we leave we go to a store. Have some fun shopping. Cuz you know how much Chelsea likes to shop. She is home sick because she can't shop here. Lol. Anyway. So after shopping in town we start walking back to the car. And we run into another brother. Then another sister. Now don't forget. This town only has 7,000 people in its population. So. Everyone know each other!!! It's so funny. I could never live here. Everyone know each others business. 

After shopping and grabbing a nice Italian  lunch we went to a local castle built in the 13th hundreds. Really neat. It's all ruined and no one really seems to know about it. Rather then talk about how cool it was and about how I loved climbing on it. Lets just see some pics. 

OK Never mind. I love irish internet! lol here is the text... ill get the photos added tmrw when i wake up. maybe the internet will be working for real. 

I love how skinny the bridge is. 

The castle was over looking the bridge. 

So cool that's actually like 60 feet tall. Doesn't seem like it does it? 

Ok look here. Chelsea is up in the window you see? Now look at the bottom left of this part of the castle you see the two holes. Now right above  that like 25' there is an escape route. So if the castle was attacked you go to that level and climb down this tiny tiny little hole to the bottom of the castle and escape if you need to. Cool huh? If you don't get it the. Ask me when I get home. Was really fun to explore by ourselves. 

The castle was built in 3 parts. This is the oldest part built in the 13 hundreds. It's actually in better shape then the one that you see in the above picture. 

Ok. I just got to a pub so I got to go. I'll ttyl guys. Take care!! :) 

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 25

Ah... What a wonderful relaxing day. It's amazing how even if your on vacation you can still use a relaxing day. It's not like we have been doing loads of stuff. It's just that it's not the normal. Ok  let's get down to what went on yesterday. 

   Wake up and grab a cup of tea. It's amazing how much tea these people drink. Tea for breakfast. Tea for snack. Tea for lunch tea just for thinking. Tea for dinner then desert. They actually say that per capita Irish people drink more tea then the English. 

   So I had my tea with breakfast and studied the watchtower for meeting. It was a nice lesson I must say. There was no "new light" that I had to think about at 8:00am then we got ready for meeting.  The meeting was packed. Chelsea and I had to sit in the front! Lol. The discourse was nice too. But just a tad too boring. Only because some of these Irish people don't speak with much enthusiasm. His talk was really good tho. Watchtower meeting was good too! I love the conductor. He is so smiley. He makes you want to comment. And make you feel good about it. I'm not just saying that because he may be reading my blog. I'm saying it because it's true. :) 

After meeting. We came home ate some lunch and took a small nap. Again... I wish I could nap everyday at home. I wake up with so much energy! After the nap I wrote the code for the new website. So much work. I had no idea how hard this would be. I think right now I may have 15 hours of work invested in the thing. I thought all you would do is copy and paste... But no... This guy is really smart with sites. You guys have to call him for a site. Such good deals too. I don't have too much to say here but let's see. I may have a photo I can upload. 

Here is the inside of the hall. This is during the watchtower study. 

Look. No one knows how to park. Lol. They need to paint lines in this parking lot. Your missing out on like 3 more cars here. To the left of the picture you can't see it. But there are like 4 cars double parked. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 24

Another day in beautiful Ireland. Finally it was a good day. I think it got up to 70 F and the sun was out. And so was our smiles. Lol. Seriously. This place can get a little depressing. But that's the funny thing. It can be cloudy and raining and windy and it's still stunning and beautiful. Well only the scenery. Not the weather of course. 

Ok time to get to the days activities. 

Another day of service. Nothing new here. But this was a little different then last few days out. You may hear me rant for just a sec. Lol. So I was told that service was at 10:30 am. Not just by one person. But by several people. Chelsea and I get to the meeting place in "map 0" way out in the middle of nowhere. From those that are in fairview congregation it would be like driving out to broad river. To meet at a random church. So Chelsea and I get way out here at 10:20 because we left early so we made sure we would be on time. When we get there no one is there. So... We heard about Irish time, but we haven't experienced it yet. So we thought we would just wait. Well 10:45 rolls around and still no sign of anyone. So I get the number of a local elder and give him a call. And guess what??? There working the territory. Lol. I was like uh... Don't they meet at 10:30? Well not today they meet at 10:00 since its far out. Well wish I knew. The poor brother felt so bad. Anyway. I meet up with them. And there are like 8 cars doing "house over house". So here Chelsea and I are driving with them doing house over house. I don't understand driving way out here and only putting two in a car. Everyone out here only works with there family. Unless you make special arrangements. It's a little weird. Then we meet back in the parking lot of a church and graveyard for a tea brake. Everyone here takes a long brake for tea every day. It's pretty funny. Then after that we went back out. To do the same thing. 8 cars driving out there. But now were not sure we're we're going. With a detour in the road it kinda threw everyone off. So there are 8 cars trying to turn around in a tiny road and everyone is like what do I do and ya... Pretty disorganized how they do things here. 

However. Chelsea and I had fun together. Lots of cute kitty's and we got to talk to a few people I would love to come back to. We laughed alot and kinda just took it easy. Otherwise I woulda just have up and went home. (I was thinking about it.) 

After service, we came home and prepared for a party. With no nap in between. So I was pretty tired. And cranky. I add that part because Chelsea had told me that a few times. 

   The party was big. People came as far a Dublin to come to the party and meet us. I felt very special. There was about 100 people there it seemed like and 200 kids. Lol. Really not that many. But there was alot of people! We had tons of fun.  Seriously. It was a blast after a couple of drinks. I caught bees (or what they call wasps) put them in the freezer and then after a few failed attempts of freezing them to death I was able to tie a string to the legs of the bee and when he woke up I had a new pet named beenes. He was so cute. He didn't even try to sting me. If he did I prolly would have freaked out. But he did a good job. And right as I was about to set him free. Someone came a squished him!!! Lol. Then he was a dead BEEat. He thought It was cruel. I thought it was cruel to kill him. Lol. Everyone was killing them left and right. I felt bad. No one here will just let them BEE. They swat at them. 

We also made a new game called flame ball. I must say it's a pretty cool game! Lol I don't have any pictures of that. But the video I'll be making will be very exciting. Let me explain for a sec how it works. They have a game of swing ball. Swing ball is just like tether ball. But the poll is shorter and the ball is a tennis ball. And you don't use your hand you use a paddle. The game can be fun by itself. But we just found a way to make it more exciting. So we took the ball made a cord and doused it in gas. Then lit it on fire. We played at night time and man did it look cool. As the ball would swing around on fire it would make this very cool noise. Then when the ball hit the paddle the gas would land on the paddle then ignite. It was really cool looking. Can't wait to get the video up. 

Anyway. Lets see. That's all I have to say for now. I hope you guys enjoyed. I'm going to bed now. It's 12:30 here.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 23

Another day closet to being home! I haven't started the countdown until we get home. So that's good. Today I have my time for the month. So anything after we're ahead. That hasn't happened since I started pioneering. Well it has only been a couple of months. Haha. 

So lets see. What did we do yesterday. Take a guess huh? Lol. SERVICE!! There isn't much to do here so service it is. It's not a bad thing to do huh? We went over to Mitchell's town again. We got there and went to the brothers shop again. The owner was out in service with us. So he got behind the counter and made us coffee. Made me a shot if espresso and Chelsea a cappuccino. Also gave my a pastry. Very nice. If I owned the shop I would not have given away free food and drink. 

   So Chelsea and I picked up this sister and we worked from door to door. Not much experience that would be worth telling you guys about. Oh ya. And the sun came out for a half hour!!! That was nice. 

   After service we ate some food then went home. After that we went to beni's house. The Kenyan sisters house. She is so sweet. I've never had Kenyan food so that was nice. It was really spicy and oh how I love spice. She also made plantains and spicy beans and greens. We also got some cheese cake and even some like raisin bread with tea. People hear are weird. They eat bread with butter as a snack. We ate so much food!!! And when I couldn't eat anymore she would put more food out. I couldn't do it anymore. 

   Oh ya!!! There was this Abby right next to her house. It was so cool it was built in the 900's or 800's CE (AD) or something like that I was told. I climbed the walls. Cuz you know. Thats what I do best. It was actually really scary. It was 3 stories up which doesn't seem that talk. But when the walls are on the verge of falling over it feels like 200 feet high. Half the building was already over and gone. The roof was gone and so were each levels. But there was a tower. With a circle stair case. It was hard to climb back down. So I jumped out of the second story window. Good thing the ground is soft hear from all the rain! 

   Ya. Yesterday was fun.  I'll let you know how tomorrow goes! By! 

There I am on top of the Abby 

Here is a pic of the crazy lady I was telling you about in service the other day. And another crazy lady on the bench starring at me. Lol.  

Here is a pic of a plantain hanging out of my mouth. Cuz it looked funny. Surprisingly people hear think I'm funny. I have no idea why. 


Also a cute kitty we found out in service! He had a twin brother. Let me get that too 


Talk to you guys later!!! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 22

Day 22. Ok since you guys have been so good, I am going to have to reward you guys with a couple pics! It only took a few hours to get them to load but i got some pictures finally! ;) I hope you like them. I even put it at the beginning of the blog, so that way you dont have to read it. lol By the way i have 2271 views on the blog. That means you guys are actually reading it. Glad you like it and here is the pics.

This picture is of the famous cliffs of Moher. I love how the cliffs rocks are layered. That was chelseas fav part. And my fav part is just how green they are! I like how the wavs crash at the bottom of the cliffs. But your so high that you cant hear them. In this picture you can even see little dots on top of the cliffs. Those dots are acually people. The eye pics that up better then the picture. But its pretty cool.

This picture is of king john castle i think. Its im Limerick. I really like this one because the circle towers and the flags look cool. I also like how its on the water. Thats not that special as almost everyone we have seen is on the water. But this one you can acually walk to the other side of it by bridge. I ran because we were running late. But it was fun. This picture came out really good! It looks better here then it does in person.

Ok time to start the days blog. What did i do yesterday? OH ya! I went out in the ministry!!! haha whats new?? I should have a good start to the service year at this rate! No but seriously this was no ordinary day out in service! It was a cold windy smelly day. You see... I did the table witnessing. It was at the local Market. Ya sounds good. But just let me rant for a sec. IT WAS COLD! haha and i forgot my jacket. 
   I did have fun tho! It was a very fun time. So reamber that brother i was telling you guys about earlier? The one who has the greatest expressions? He did the watchtower study and i went out in service with him last weekend.. Anyway it was him and me that went. He is such a sweet brother. Well everyone is but this guy is just a little extra nice. I think he wants me to move here or something. lol 
  So when we get there its drizzling.... Whats new huh? Its like constant light rain. Not terrible but just enough to drive you crazy! lol. He said to me that alot of people in Ireland had depression. And I said, "YA, I see why!" The rain is driving me crazy. The funny thing is that the rain stopped, but it was still cold and windy. But everyone who walked by would say 'nice day huh' while i was sitting there cooped up in a ball in my rain jacket. 
   Ok for the first hour we were standing by the table. As we didnt have the chairs or the "box" im not sure what this box is but it wasnt there. lol Anyway we only had a few mags and tracts. Im sitting here thinking, man this isnt enough mags, with how many I have been placing our in the door to door work. But No. it was enough. lol EVERYONE walked by and not one picked up the mags. haha You would say it was a blow huh? No Still had lots of fun. 
   So after the first hour i coudnt stand anymore so Martin was so nice and asked me if i want some tea. He made me some tea and even a sandwich. I thought that was so nice. I love how everyone here thinks about others. SO after tea he said i can go sit in the car since my feat hurt. I didnt do that as it would hurt my pride more. ;) So we moved the table over to the other side of the FRESH FISH van. There was a bench there. That was nice! I could sit!!!! YAY. And i didnt have to have the smell of nasty fresh fish come and burn my nostril hairs anymore. 
   So now were sitting and this is when the fun starts! lol This crazy lady was set up there selling her soaps. Woe she sold alot of soap. It seams like everyone in the town of 4000 people were coming to buy her stupid soap. lol. But inbetween sales she would come pester us. She was very loud (worse them me) and asking questions to be annoying. And even telling people to come and get our information. Well no one would take it because of her. Well no one would take it anyway. But she deff was not helping. It was funny the reactions people would give us. One old man was looking at the table. And i said to him, "there free if you would like one sr." He said "... No im ok, I have enough rubbish at home already" lol wow i laughed so hard. I cant belive he had the guts to say that. Its been one of the first rude people i have meet so far. Im pretty sure that no one grabbed the info because they dont want anyone to see that they took the mags. At there home eveyone take the mags but in front of other people they wouldnt because they didnt want people to think anything weird about them. Its understandable. BUT... We did have some good conversations. Everyone know martin so they would stop by and say hi. He is respected in that town cuz thats where he grew up. He used to be a bad person and everyone watched him change because he learnt the truth. That was back in the 80's i think. 
   After 4 hours of table witnessing we went to grab some lunch at this brothers "take away" restaurant. Its not fast food because it takes 1 hour to eat and you sit down, But everyone calls take aways fast food here. They dont know what fast food is. It was very good! It felt like i was eating at home. It felt like i was eating at 5 guys. But with better fries very good tea and a little less good of a burger. When we were done i went to go pay. But Martin paid for me! How nice was that?? I feel like a king here lol. But still i would never live here. The weather is too crappy. lol
   After service i went home took a nap... again, and then woke up studied for the meeting and got dressed. The meeting was great! This Italian brother did most of it, I think they only have like 3 elders. But his accent is awesome! lol I wanna go to Italy, Ill i need to do is learn the language. 
   Anyway chelsea and i have been enjoying HULU again! After meeting we stayed up and watched some of our fav shows and went to bed. All in all it was a good day. 

Talk to you guys later!!!!!  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 21

Today was a fun day for Chelsea and i. So I slept in. As the Benadryl took it out of me. To give you an idea on how tired I was, Chelsea wool up before me!! Lol. I slept until 11:00. That's the nice thing about being on vacation. You can sleep in if you would like to. ;) although I don't like skipping service. Cuz now I have to make up that day. 

Ok. So Chelsea and I leave the house around lunch and head off to the big city.  Were kinda excited to head out for ourselves for a bit. Don't get me wrong. I like going out in service and all but I so miss my sports. Hockey and track days. I'm gonna need a new sport when we get back.   

   On the way to the city we stop at a castle. I don't even know how many we have seen now. It's too hard to keep up. But this castle was pretty cute. It was on the river like most. We went walked into it and left.  

   Then we went to the English market. It's a really old fresh market. Even the queen visited a couple years ago. It was so cute!! Lots of weird fish and pigs heads. It smelt kinda funny. But there was so many nice fresh things. And I don't typically even care about this type of stuff. I wasn't planning on spending any money as well but it was so much fun. Lol. We waked around and got 3 types of cheese. Two Irish cheddar. One very aged and one middle aged. So middle aged that the cheese went thru a mid life Crisis. Jk. Also this a goat cheese guda. Oh wow. These where so good. The guy said we shouldn't do crackers but we should do bread. So we. Went and got some sour dough bread. Not like in the states. It's alot less strong here. 

Well we have cheese and bread so we need wine! Well that's next. We get some wine to drink with it. Also in the market we see a stand of olives. I take a few samples and find this one that was so spicy!!! Mmm woe. It was so good! So the guy said that it would be good with tomatoes. I tried a few samples and got some sundries tomatoes. They were so fresh and tasty. Chelsea doesn't even like them normally. But these... She wouldn't get here hands off my tomato bag ! So good. 

   After shopping. We found a sausage stand. Grabbed a few of those and went to the park across the street and ate our lunch. Such a fun day. Btw parking for 2 hours was €7.00!!! Isn't that crazy.  Haha. It was worth it. We had lots of fun. Oh ya and driving in the city was a blast. I was flying in and out of cars. Even scaring people who would try and cross the street by J walking. I was honking my horn and oh. It was so much fun. You had to be there. I guess I could say I was driving like a local. And starting to feel comfortable. 

   After that we went to the shopping mall here in cork. It was pretty lame. And it's funny. We didn't even recognize any of the stores. Everything is so different. We walked around. Went in a few stores and left after getting a muffin. Then we went home ate some food and watched some Hulu. Since we got it working. You take those things for granted. Having tv in your own sense of humor. Lol. 

Anyway. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. 

Here is one pic of boringness this is a nice day everyone was saying. Just cuz there was no rain. 

Pics aren't really posting from the computer. Only ones from my phone. But I keep forgetting to take pics on the phone. :) I'll try and take more pics on the phone. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 20

Blog blog blog.... Lol. 20 days is a little too long. Don't miss working yet. But I do miss my service calls. I Hope they don't forget about me. Lol it would be nice to live and never have to work. Can't wait for the new system. It's gonna be fantastic. Never work just travel without paying for tickets and gas. 

   Ok so lets get into the blog. Hum. So guess what we did. Haha... Just take a guess. Service!!! Yay  today wasnt a long day tho. You will find out why it was a short day. 

   We get to the group like I said at 10:00.  So funny how late it is! Anyway. We get there and EVERYONE had plans already. It's alot diff here. I would assume the only way to pioneer in this hall is to go out everyday. Or go out by yourself. Seems like everyone has there own group and plans. Like there were alot of ppl who showed up. But what was the point? Ya know? Ppl just got in there cars by themselves and did calls and took care of themselves. All I'm saying is I'd never move here. Lol. Not complaining about the way they do it. Just seems a little weird. Lol. 

   So we went out with this one sister. She was cool. I liked her. We worked for I think 1 hour. One full hour. Gaga. Then went and got tea at the sisters house. We had cookies and tea and talked. It was raining. Like crazy. So everyone pretty much called it quits. I'm so tired of the rain. It just rains all day every day. Non stop. Lol. 

   So I've kinda been sick. Not like sick sick. But like sneezing all day! I wish I had a counter and counted every sneeze. So annoying. I think it's the damp weather and maybe like mold outside. So at night I took some Benadryl and passed out while Chelsea watched some downton abbey. But before I went to sleep we ate and I worked on my new website. So far it's coming out pretty good. I'm happy with it. Btw tmrws blog will be alot better. I hope... ;) 

Look at this! I filled this tiny car with gas. And it wasnt even on empty yet! €65.75!!!  That's $88.57!! That's crazy huh? I'm so glad I don't live here. I'd never drive anywhere. Lol what would have happened if I waited until the light came on. Or if I was actually empty?? 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 19

Today is a long service day. Let me tell you what. It's very exhausting to go out in the ministry all day. I can work a 12 hour day and come home and be fine. But you go out in the ministry and it will take it out of you. Lol. After service we went to bed really early! Your super tired I'm sure because its actually mentally exhausting. It takes more to use your brain then it does to move your body. Well at least it is the case for me. ;) 

   Ok so by the way service here starts at 10:00 not 9:00. That's because people in Ireland like to be late and sleep in. And if you go out door to door people will still be asleep. 

   In Mondays people in Fermoy don't go out in the ministry unless you make special arrangements or have calls to go on. So since we didn't do that we went to cork to the next congregation over. It's about a 30 mins drive. First, this group is huge. Like 25-30 ppl going out. There are 4 special pioneers! And lots of other pioneers. The congregation has 97 publishers and 94 bible studies I was told. In the city there territory is hardly worked enough. There is a big need. They send people to this congregation if someone wants to move to a greater need. 
   Second, I found this very funny. The group guy said, "we have to do some far distance service today." So... How they do service is this. They all meet at the hall. And then go to the territory and walk or drive house over house. Your are assigned to a partner and your with them all morning. Anyway. So he said were going to far territory. Well... We all get in our cars and drive 10 mins!!! Haha. 10 mins? Seriously? That's far out? 

   Third, service in the city I would expect it to be bad reception.  But no. Everyone was really nice. The JW's don't come by too much I guess. I placed 14 mags in one day. That's normally more then I do in a full month back home! I mean it's not the best service. Cuz there are places in the world were people are begging for bible study's. but it is deff way better to go out in the ministry in Ireland then in the USA. 

   Fourth, I heard that there were special pioneers in the hall. But I didn't know who they were. So in the afternoon after we meet with the group I got paired with these two other couples. Chelsea got pulled with someone else. Anyway. After walking from door to door all afternoon I would get asked to switch with the two brothers working together. And the two sisters worked together the whole time. Does that make sense? If not oh well. Anyway after going out I found out that they were the special pioneer couples. I had no idea. Now I wish I wouldn't have said some of the things I said. :) just kidding. I didn't say anything wrong. I guess there is a first time for everything. 

   Ok so time to go home. It was a great day for service. But we get home at 7:00. Some vacation huh? Lol. Seriously. I was pooped. Had loads of fun but really tired. Well that's it for the blog. Ttyl! 

Here is a pic of me in service! 

Here is a pic of the hall in the city. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 18

18 days... Been a long time. Slightly starting to get just a tad homesick. It's a good thing I love it here. Cork is so much nicer as far as weather. Co. Mayo is colder and it rains alot more. 

Today's blog is another boring one. Sorry my life hasn't been so eventful for you! Haha. But really. It makes you have writers block when there is nothing to write about. 

One thing I was thinking about. I was thinking about moving out of the country right? Well it doesn't depend on where you move to. Our brothers and sisters is what makes it. You can move all the way across the world in some ho dunk town and it's going to feel like you are at home. Except everywhere is better then at home because the grass is always greener right? By the way this hall has 40 publishers and I think 16 pioneers! Isn't that crazy??? In our hall we have over 80 publishers and I think 12 pioneers. So as you can imagine being in the hall will be alot of fun and working in the ministry will be easy. ;) 

I don't know where I'm going with this. But I did want to give you guys these small little tid bits. I haven't even started telling you about what went on today! Haha. Ok. So it's Sunday so what does that mean? Meeting day!!!! I'm excited to go to the meeting because it will be the first time going while we have been here in cork. But the meeting is at 10:30am and I'm used to getting up at 10:30 for meeting. So I have to adjust. I woke up at 8:00 and studied my watchtower. All tho I should have gotten up at 5:00 because there is so much information on this study lesson. So much extra research. 
Ok so we get to the meeting. And it's really cute. Really small and everyone was saying hello and making us feel welcome. They all knew we were coming because of the jones's letting them know. I feel bad I let them all down. Lol were not nearly that special. But still it was nice. Meeting was nice too. The brother I worked out in service on sat did the watchtower lesson. He used to be in the army and into some crazy things. Now that he found the truth he is so happy and he has this crazy smile and is so happy!!! His expressions are fantastic and is so enthusiastic. I need to be more like him. :) so one day I would like to be like that while giving a talk or conducting lessons. 

After meeting we go home. Chelsea takes a small nap and I literally start writing my new website. Nathanial has been such a help. I could never do it without him. 

You know how when someone asks you where are you from? And you say... Idk fl. Then they say oh your from fl? Do you know this person? Haha. Well someone in the hall said that. They said your from the states? Do you know this person? He actually goes beyond that!!! Haha he brought them over the the jones's house. Haha. Idk. They were these old weird people. I think there was 4 of them. And they talked the full time!!! Seriously. I tuned them out and kept quite. You know that's not normal. No wonder people don't like Americans. Haha. These old people are giving us a bad name! 

Ok that's all I got to say! Nice talking to you guys. Take care! 

This is a Kenya sister we love! She is a pioneer and is so nice and cute! 

Oh and this hurt. Haha. 50 clothes pins. :) 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 17

  Ok, so i would think that you guys would have stopped reading the blogs, but you haven't. So, I must come up with more fake activities to write about. Just kidding. But seriously, This is alot of writing for a person who can only type 12 words per hour. I'm learning. I think i'll pick it up soon.

   Any who, lets see, yesterday we woke up and went out in service. The locals brought us to "map 0". We were coming out to work the territory that isn't worked very often. They like to work it once a year or so with the holiday witnesses. Thats us, because holiday means vacation. They wanted to save it for us. Like we want to work out inservice in the middle of nowhere! :) no really we actually do want to.
    On the way Nicola came in the car with us. She said "don't worry ill give you directions." I trusted she knew where she was going. Well, we got there only a little late. I should have known i cant trust a woman's sense of direction. :) This is the second time this trip i've gone the wrong way because of listening to a woman. No offense lady out there. BUT.... Its the truth! ;)

   The service was nice. Not like i actually got to talk to anyone because everyone was gone. But it was nice to go out with the brothers and sisters.

   The Irish accent is starting to grow on me. Not that I am starting to sound like them, its that they sound normal. I heard an American accent and it sounded really weird. lol I think they all think that I sound weird too tho.

   Let me tell you about these crazy weirdo's that were staying with. The husband Nat is really smart with computers. He builds websites for a living and is even going to help me build a website myself. And throw away the disaster website that we have now. Ill let you know how it comes out then if you guys need someone you can actually trust ill recommend him. Nat is really funny! He is alot like me as far as loud and crazy. But he is more mature and he sounds a bit English.
Nicola is super sweet! I keep making fun of her, but i need to stop because she is too nice. Always making me tea and offering us stuff. Chelsea and her get along very well it seems. We have both been enjoying ourselves.
I actually need to say good things about these people because they are reading the blog I think.
The girls... The younger one is really cute. She doesn't understand a word im saying! She just laughs at me and smiles when i talk. I think she likes me tho because ive been playing games with her.
The older girl is very shy but ive been finding common ground.

   I sound like im just rambling about nothing. Was going to post a handful of pix but can't get any of them to upload!! >:( Sorry.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 16

Today's blog is about our trip from Galway to Fermoy  county cork. And this was a fun trip. 

   We slept great last night. Oh man. Except all the crazy people partying last night woke us up in the morning. But other then that. It was nice sleep. 

   Ok. So I brought Chelsea back to the shops in the morning to get a few things. Like coffee. Breakfast and some Souvenirs. The traffic was horrible. Even on the morning. It was like driving in NYC. I hated it. So glad were leaving. 

   We get in the car. And this coffee was leaking. Out of the lid. Keep in mind it's pretty difficult to drive in traffic, look at directions, and mix in sugar in you coffee, all in the smallest car in the world.  So as Chelsea tries to put the lid back on she squeezes the side of the cup at the same time. I'm pretty sure this go well I'm thinking. Anyway. Bam!! Haha. She splatters the coffee everywhere. Nice hot coffee on my lap and arm. Good times. 

   So we travel down to the cliffs of moher. Side note. It's been really nice to go back to maps and no GPS. All tho you make a few wrong turns it has been fun. As we're going down we found another few castles. Really fun to just stop whenever and get out and check out the castles. The roads we drove on today were nice!!! Way wider and smother then up in county mayo. Still keep in mind there not as good nearly as even Asheville roads. 

   So we finally get to the cliffs and pull into the parking lot. And there is a woman there and she tells us €6 a person. I said uh. No. I'll go find parking myself. All they are doing is charging for parking. That's just ridiculous to me. I realize that I saw a small tiny pull off about .5 km away. So I turn my tiny Clio around and find that it's nice to have a small car. So we park there, pack our valuables and walk to the cliffs..... Thousands of people! Oh my goodness. So many ppl. I couldn't wait to leave. Lol. But.  If you look past the people there really was some beautiful views. Seriously. So pretty. The cliffs weren't like the other ones. They were vertical. I think 750 feet. There was a wall all the way around the cliffs. I heard lots of people go there to kill themselves. Prolly because it's always raining!!! Haha. But today. It was nice. :) sunnyish and not raining!!!  We were up there for maybe 15 mins. It was nice to not have to pay for the stupid parking and sneak up there. That way I didn't feel bad and spend hours up there to get my monies worth. 

   After that we head to limerick. Saw the coolest castle. Spent a little time there and headed to the Jones house. Can't wait to meet them.  On Facebook they seem really cool and funny. When we met them it was true. We stayed up till 12:30  drinking beer and talking. Had loads of fun. There names are Nathanial and nicola   And there kids are Madelin and amilee. I'm not sure how to spell so I hope that's right. Marty. They loved there care packs. 

Anyway it was a good day and well let you know what happens tmrw.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 15

15 days since I've had to work. Haha feels like a dream. Today's blog was a trip. Literally. We left the Kingdons house. He gave me the scenic route. Well that's taking a 1 hour drive and turning it into a 3 hours drive. Man would this have been beautiful if the stupid rain/ clouds were gone! 
   We have a book written by Rick Steve and the way that mike sent me actually is in the book. It says it's the most beautiful route in all of Ireland. Despite all the rain and clouds it sure was beautiful. It was fun to read about all the history as we rode in the direction. 
This was out first stop. This weird bronze boat that was to represent all the death. The history is that there was a great famine. And all they had was potatoes to eat. Well there was a disease that hit and took out the potatoes a people tried to leave on the ships to America and most ppl died.  I think 90% died on the boats of diseases and starvation and most of 10% who made it died when they got there. 

   Then we drove thru the valley called doo lough valley. Even with the rain this was truly a site to see. Nothing around at all but mountains and this beautiful lake in the middle. To go along with the story ppl tried to come thru here and died of starvation in this valley. There is said to have ghosts and stupid stuff like that here. But it was just beautiful to us. Lol. 

   The pictures don't do it justice. I wish I had a better camera. 

   It was fun to take this road all the way to Galway. Stopping and looking at the wild horses and saying hello to the sheep. Also stopping and seeing castles on the way. I love how there everywhere and you can just stop walk up take a pic and go. 

   We finally get to Galway. Very touristy. But still pretty. To cap up what we do... We go to a museum there. Watch the street performers. Hit up some shops. 

   Then we find our hotel. Oh wow. This was the most beautiful hotel we have both ever seen. We take a nap of course! Then get ready for a night out. Apparently this is more of a night life then Dublin. So we were excited. We go get dinner then Hit up a pub. Dinner was Italian. Umm so amazing. The pub was fun. We drank our beers and watched the trad Irish band do there thing.

   When we leave to go back to our hotel to go to bed. Cuz it's late now. Like 11:00. We saw the most insane thing. So weird. Haha. Billions of ppl. Packed on this street. All young kids. Drinking on the streets climbing the walls. Throwing and pushing each other. It was like circus that you don't have to pay for. So crazy. Ppl drunk and yelling. Wow. We're we're not in the right place. So maybe we thought that "night life" would be tasteful. It wasn't. We couldn't wait to leave! But seriously you had to see this. My mouth was open in shock. Like Babylon the great. Idk. Anyway. We went home and went to sleep. Boy did we sleep good. :)