Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 20

Blog blog blog.... Lol. 20 days is a little too long. Don't miss working yet. But I do miss my service calls. I Hope they don't forget about me. Lol it would be nice to live and never have to work. Can't wait for the new system. It's gonna be fantastic. Never work just travel without paying for tickets and gas. 

   Ok so lets get into the blog. Hum. So guess what we did. Haha... Just take a guess. Service!!! Yay  today wasnt a long day tho. You will find out why it was a short day. 

   We get to the group like I said at 10:00.  So funny how late it is! Anyway. We get there and EVERYONE had plans already. It's alot diff here. I would assume the only way to pioneer in this hall is to go out everyday. Or go out by yourself. Seems like everyone has there own group and plans. Like there were alot of ppl who showed up. But what was the point? Ya know? Ppl just got in there cars by themselves and did calls and took care of themselves. All I'm saying is I'd never move here. Lol. Not complaining about the way they do it. Just seems a little weird. Lol. 

   So we went out with this one sister. She was cool. I liked her. We worked for I think 1 hour. One full hour. Gaga. Then went and got tea at the sisters house. We had cookies and tea and talked. It was raining. Like crazy. So everyone pretty much called it quits. I'm so tired of the rain. It just rains all day every day. Non stop. Lol. 

   So I've kinda been sick. Not like sick sick. But like sneezing all day! I wish I had a counter and counted every sneeze. So annoying. I think it's the damp weather and maybe like mold outside. So at night I took some Benadryl and passed out while Chelsea watched some downton abbey. But before I went to sleep we ate and I worked on my new website. So far it's coming out pretty good. I'm happy with it. Btw tmrws blog will be alot better. I hope... ;) 

Look at this! I filled this tiny car with gas. And it wasnt even on empty yet! €65.75!!!  That's $88.57!! That's crazy huh? I'm so glad I don't live here. I'd never drive anywhere. Lol what would have happened if I waited until the light came on. Or if I was actually empty??