Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 24

Another day in beautiful Ireland. Finally it was a good day. I think it got up to 70 F and the sun was out. And so was our smiles. Lol. Seriously. This place can get a little depressing. But that's the funny thing. It can be cloudy and raining and windy and it's still stunning and beautiful. Well only the scenery. Not the weather of course. 

Ok time to get to the days activities. 

Another day of service. Nothing new here. But this was a little different then last few days out. You may hear me rant for just a sec. Lol. So I was told that service was at 10:30 am. Not just by one person. But by several people. Chelsea and I get to the meeting place in "map 0" way out in the middle of nowhere. From those that are in fairview congregation it would be like driving out to broad river. To meet at a random church. So Chelsea and I get way out here at 10:20 because we left early so we made sure we would be on time. When we get there no one is there. So... We heard about Irish time, but we haven't experienced it yet. So we thought we would just wait. Well 10:45 rolls around and still no sign of anyone. So I get the number of a local elder and give him a call. And guess what??? There working the territory. Lol. I was like uh... Don't they meet at 10:30? Well not today they meet at 10:00 since its far out. Well wish I knew. The poor brother felt so bad. Anyway. I meet up with them. And there are like 8 cars doing "house over house". So here Chelsea and I are driving with them doing house over house. I don't understand driving way out here and only putting two in a car. Everyone out here only works with there family. Unless you make special arrangements. It's a little weird. Then we meet back in the parking lot of a church and graveyard for a tea brake. Everyone here takes a long brake for tea every day. It's pretty funny. Then after that we went back out. To do the same thing. 8 cars driving out there. But now were not sure we're we're going. With a detour in the road it kinda threw everyone off. So there are 8 cars trying to turn around in a tiny road and everyone is like what do I do and ya... Pretty disorganized how they do things here. 

However. Chelsea and I had fun together. Lots of cute kitty's and we got to talk to a few people I would love to come back to. We laughed alot and kinda just took it easy. Otherwise I woulda just have up and went home. (I was thinking about it.) 

After service, we came home and prepared for a party. With no nap in between. So I was pretty tired. And cranky. I add that part because Chelsea had told me that a few times. 

   The party was big. People came as far a Dublin to come to the party and meet us. I felt very special. There was about 100 people there it seemed like and 200 kids. Lol. Really not that many. But there was alot of people! We had tons of fun.  Seriously. It was a blast after a couple of drinks. I caught bees (or what they call wasps) put them in the freezer and then after a few failed attempts of freezing them to death I was able to tie a string to the legs of the bee and when he woke up I had a new pet named beenes. He was so cute. He didn't even try to sting me. If he did I prolly would have freaked out. But he did a good job. And right as I was about to set him free. Someone came a squished him!!! Lol. Then he was a dead BEEat. He thought It was cruel. I thought it was cruel to kill him. Lol. Everyone was killing them left and right. I felt bad. No one here will just let them BEE. They swat at them. 

We also made a new game called flame ball. I must say it's a pretty cool game! Lol I don't have any pictures of that. But the video I'll be making will be very exciting. Let me explain for a sec how it works. They have a game of swing ball. Swing ball is just like tether ball. But the poll is shorter and the ball is a tennis ball. And you don't use your hand you use a paddle. The game can be fun by itself. But we just found a way to make it more exciting. So we took the ball made a cord and doused it in gas. Then lit it on fire. We played at night time and man did it look cool. As the ball would swing around on fire it would make this very cool noise. Then when the ball hit the paddle the gas would land on the paddle then ignite. It was really cool looking. Can't wait to get the video up. 

Anyway. Lets see. That's all I have to say for now. I hope you guys enjoyed. I'm going to bed now. It's 12:30 here.