Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 25

Ah... What a wonderful relaxing day. It's amazing how even if your on vacation you can still use a relaxing day. It's not like we have been doing loads of stuff. It's just that it's not the normal. Ok  let's get down to what went on yesterday. 

   Wake up and grab a cup of tea. It's amazing how much tea these people drink. Tea for breakfast. Tea for snack. Tea for lunch tea just for thinking. Tea for dinner then desert. They actually say that per capita Irish people drink more tea then the English. 

   So I had my tea with breakfast and studied the watchtower for meeting. It was a nice lesson I must say. There was no "new light" that I had to think about at 8:00am then we got ready for meeting.  The meeting was packed. Chelsea and I had to sit in the front! Lol. The discourse was nice too. But just a tad too boring. Only because some of these Irish people don't speak with much enthusiasm. His talk was really good tho. Watchtower meeting was good too! I love the conductor. He is so smiley. He makes you want to comment. And make you feel good about it. I'm not just saying that because he may be reading my blog. I'm saying it because it's true. :) 

After meeting. We came home ate some lunch and took a small nap. Again... I wish I could nap everyday at home. I wake up with so much energy! After the nap I wrote the code for the new website. So much work. I had no idea how hard this would be. I think right now I may have 15 hours of work invested in the thing. I thought all you would do is copy and paste... But no... This guy is really smart with sites. You guys have to call him for a site. Such good deals too. I don't have too much to say here but let's see. I may have a photo I can upload. 

Here is the inside of the hall. This is during the watchtower study. 

Look. No one knows how to park. Lol. They need to paint lines in this parking lot. Your missing out on like 3 more cars here. To the left of the picture you can't see it. But there are like 4 cars double parked.