Tuesday, September 24, 2013

day 26

Day 26

And there is one more week to go. Kinda getting slightly sad. Lol. I could live in this place. If it were slightly more sunny. 

Ok shall I tell you about my day? No!!! Ok I will. I'll let you know what happened. Actually. It was pretty fun of a day. I got to sleep in. Ahhh that never gets old. I think we slept till 9::30. I woke up. Got to writing a little more of the code of this stupid website. That's getting old. Lol why can't you copy and paste from the old site??? Seriously. 

Ok. So Chelsea and I wanted to get out of the house and explore. So we went to the city of Fermoy for the first time. We had a grand if a time. First we run into the Italian brother and his wife. He is the one who owns a couple of take outs. He told us to go to his restaurant and drink a cup of coffee. So that what we did. While we were there we found out that the manager and his wife are from the hall too. So we had a good chat. Also. While we were enjoying our coffee. Martin and his wife had a chat with us too. Sat at our table and had some tea. This is the brother I keep telling you about. The one I keep going out in service with and he is the one that conducts the watchtower study. Anyway. It's funny that's 6 JW's we meet so far. After we leave we go to a store. Have some fun shopping. Cuz you know how much Chelsea likes to shop. She is home sick because she can't shop here. Lol. Anyway. So after shopping in town we start walking back to the car. And we run into another brother. Then another sister. Now don't forget. This town only has 7,000 people in its population. So. Everyone know each other!!! It's so funny. I could never live here. Everyone know each others business. 

After shopping and grabbing a nice Italian  lunch we went to a local castle built in the 13th hundreds. Really neat. It's all ruined and no one really seems to know about it. Rather then talk about how cool it was and about how I loved climbing on it. Lets just see some pics. 

OK Never mind. I love irish internet! lol here is the text... ill get the photos added tmrw when i wake up. maybe the internet will be working for real. 

I love how skinny the bridge is. 

The castle was over looking the bridge. 

So cool that's actually like 60 feet tall. Doesn't seem like it does it? 

Ok look here. Chelsea is up in the window you see? Now look at the bottom left of this part of the castle you see the two holes. Now right above  that like 25' there is an escape route. So if the castle was attacked you go to that level and climb down this tiny tiny little hole to the bottom of the castle and escape if you need to. Cool huh? If you don't get it the. Ask me when I get home. Was really fun to explore by ourselves. 

The castle was built in 3 parts. This is the oldest part built in the 13 hundreds. It's actually in better shape then the one that you see in the above picture. 

Ok. I just got to a pub so I got to go. I'll ttyl guys. Take care!! :) 

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