Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 32

Last day in Ireland. This was actually a really fun day. We just kinda took it easy. And relaxed as we saw the city of Dublin. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we weren't dying to come home. Like when in Costa Rica we were so happy to leave. But this place... Idk. Lets just say it's that  good. Ya know what I mean? But still I need to come home and work and hang out with our friends. You know who you are... Lol. Everyone of you!!! You will have to call me when we get back and we can come over for dinner and talk. But not about the trip. Because you already know pretty much everything about it. Lol. 

Ok. Shall I tell you about our day? Sure. Fine. I'll tell you. Again. We had our food made for us. I would consider this a "mini Irish" it's so nice. The sister had to rush and get ready for meeting and she made us breakfast? This is better then southern hospitality. We aren't going to meeting to day. It's not like we didn't wanna go. We did. But we didn't have time to get ready. We had to iron our cloths and and go get them out of the car. But It didn't look like a possibility. I wish we went. It would have been nice to meet more of the brothers. 

Instead we went to the Dublin zoo!! :) yay. We didn't want to go and walk all around the city. We didn't wanna walk at all to be honest. But I guess it's not possible because you have to walk at zoos. 

We were told that parking at the zoo is impossible. But look at my parking spot right in front of the park!!! 

That's actually really impressive that I did that. I didn't think I could. I was the 3rd closest to the park. I'm the red car btw. And I gave the blue car more room cuz the car in front of him didn't give him much room. But can you believe I did that without hitting the other cars. Lol. It was fun. 

Ok at the zoo we had so much fun.  We walked really slow. Enjoyed ourselves. Saw lions leopards monkeys rhino hippo zebra and much more. But our faves were the sea lions and the penguins :)  they were so cute. 

After that on the way to the hotel we stopped at the jail. It's a jail that was built long ago to hang and put away anyone who wouldn't join the army. There is alot more to it I think. We stopped took a few pics and the went to the hotel. It was in Dublin so it wasnt far. We checked in rested for 15 mins then looked for good place to eat. That part took 30 mins. Haha. We finally found a Chinese place all the locals go to. It was hard to find on the Internet. But alot of locals left reviews. I couldn't find a website but I didn't think much of it. So we drove there found parking right near the restaurant. I was excited because parking in the city isnt easy. But... Guess what. There closed. So we went to plan B. a thai food  restaurant. Mmmmm  I love thai. It was called Saba and it had like 250 reviews and was 4.5 stars. How awesome was that.  A little pricy but so worth it. It was also a 2.5 km walk. We didn't think that was a bad walk until it was too late. The walk back felt like twice as long. Lol. Really bad idea. I got the most spicy thing on the menu. Wow was it good. Not to spicy to eat because Irish people don't like spicy. I saw a poster in the bathroom  that there was only thai chefs in the kitchen. I can believe it. It was that good!! Just look at the desert. Carmel pineapple with ice cream. 

Oh I forgot. On the way to the restaurant we stopped by the Dublin castle. Then after we ate we walked by Trinity collage. 

Then before we got back to the car we stopped by for a pint. Had some Guinness and some other beer you can't get in the states. We drank the beers on this roof top bar and just relaxed and talked. As no one was upstairs in the coldish weather. 

We drove back to the hotel then wrote the blog and went to bed. It was a good long day. So we were pretty tired.