Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 23

Another day closet to being home! I haven't started the countdown until we get home. So that's good. Today I have my time for the month. So anything after we're ahead. That hasn't happened since I started pioneering. Well it has only been a couple of months. Haha. 

So lets see. What did we do yesterday. Take a guess huh? Lol. SERVICE!! There isn't much to do here so service it is. It's not a bad thing to do huh? We went over to Mitchell's town again. We got there and went to the brothers shop again. The owner was out in service with us. So he got behind the counter and made us coffee. Made me a shot if espresso and Chelsea a cappuccino. Also gave my a pastry. Very nice. If I owned the shop I would not have given away free food and drink. 

   So Chelsea and I picked up this sister and we worked from door to door. Not much experience that would be worth telling you guys about. Oh ya. And the sun came out for a half hour!!! That was nice. 

   After service we ate some food then went home. After that we went to beni's house. The Kenyan sisters house. She is so sweet. I've never had Kenyan food so that was nice. It was really spicy and oh how I love spice. She also made plantains and spicy beans and greens. We also got some cheese cake and even some like raisin bread with tea. People hear are weird. They eat bread with butter as a snack. We ate so much food!!! And when I couldn't eat anymore she would put more food out. I couldn't do it anymore. 

   Oh ya!!! There was this Abby right next to her house. It was so cool it was built in the 900's or 800's CE (AD) or something like that I was told. I climbed the walls. Cuz you know. Thats what I do best. It was actually really scary. It was 3 stories up which doesn't seem that talk. But when the walls are on the verge of falling over it feels like 200 feet high. Half the building was already over and gone. The roof was gone and so were each levels. But there was a tower. With a circle stair case. It was hard to climb back down. So I jumped out of the second story window. Good thing the ground is soft hear from all the rain! 

   Ya. Yesterday was fun.  I'll let you know how tomorrow goes! By! 

There I am on top of the Abby 

Here is a pic of the crazy lady I was telling you about in service the other day. And another crazy lady on the bench starring at me. Lol.  

Here is a pic of a plantain hanging out of my mouth. Cuz it looked funny. Surprisingly people hear think I'm funny. I have no idea why. 


Also a cute kitty we found out in service! He had a twin brother. Let me get that too 


Talk to you guys later!!!