Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 19

Today is a long service day. Let me tell you what. It's very exhausting to go out in the ministry all day. I can work a 12 hour day and come home and be fine. But you go out in the ministry and it will take it out of you. Lol. After service we went to bed really early! Your super tired I'm sure because its actually mentally exhausting. It takes more to use your brain then it does to move your body. Well at least it is the case for me. ;) 

   Ok so by the way service here starts at 10:00 not 9:00. That's because people in Ireland like to be late and sleep in. And if you go out door to door people will still be asleep. 

   In Mondays people in Fermoy don't go out in the ministry unless you make special arrangements or have calls to go on. So since we didn't do that we went to cork to the next congregation over. It's about a 30 mins drive. First, this group is huge. Like 25-30 ppl going out. There are 4 special pioneers! And lots of other pioneers. The congregation has 97 publishers and 94 bible studies I was told. In the city there territory is hardly worked enough. There is a big need. They send people to this congregation if someone wants to move to a greater need. 
   Second, I found this very funny. The group guy said, "we have to do some far distance service today." So... How they do service is this. They all meet at the hall. And then go to the territory and walk or drive house over house. Your are assigned to a partner and your with them all morning. Anyway. So he said were going to far territory. Well... We all get in our cars and drive 10 mins!!! Haha. 10 mins? Seriously? That's far out? 

   Third, service in the city I would expect it to be bad reception.  But no. Everyone was really nice. The JW's don't come by too much I guess. I placed 14 mags in one day. That's normally more then I do in a full month back home! I mean it's not the best service. Cuz there are places in the world were people are begging for bible study's. but it is deff way better to go out in the ministry in Ireland then in the USA. 

   Fourth, I heard that there were special pioneers in the hall. But I didn't know who they were. So in the afternoon after we meet with the group I got paired with these two other couples. Chelsea got pulled with someone else. Anyway. After walking from door to door all afternoon I would get asked to switch with the two brothers working together. And the two sisters worked together the whole time. Does that make sense? If not oh well. Anyway after going out I found out that they were the special pioneer couples. I had no idea. Now I wish I wouldn't have said some of the things I said. :) just kidding. I didn't say anything wrong. I guess there is a first time for everything. 

   Ok so time to go home. It was a great day for service. But we get home at 7:00. Some vacation huh? Lol. Seriously. I was pooped. Had loads of fun but really tired. Well that's it for the blog. Ttyl! 

Here is a pic of me in service! 

Here is a pic of the hall in the city.