Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 12

Day 12.... Lets see lets see oh ya. This is Monday. 

Not much to say but I said I will write one for every day. This was a good day for me tho. Kinda ish lol. 

So lets see where to start. Again when I wake up right? So the night before heather said she wants to go out in service not at 9:00am but at 7:00. Uh.... I'm on holiday (vacation) so... No I'll sleep in an extra hour or two. But a little before 8:00 I get a knock knock knock at my door. Hey are we going out in service. So  we woke up to get ready. Mind before everyone else was. Chelsea and I waited in the kitchen, read the daily text and ate some breakfast. The hospitality here is extremely over the top. The Kingdons, as well as everyone we have meet so far has been so nice. Kinda like a little twilight zone episode. 

   Service was really fantastic. It's not like every door you can start a bible study with someone but there so nice that they won't turn you down. Not like being out in the ministry back home. Where as soon as a householder sees you thru the crack in the door it's closed. I feel really bad.... Some people were clearly not interested. And I'm waiting on them to say have a nice day and shut the door. But they keep listening... Haha. It's really kinda cute. Anyway what ended up happening was I left. And told them to have a nice day. 
   No one hear reads there bibles. And about half of them don't even have one. Kinda weird to adjust to the diff style of preaching because its nothing like home. I placed some mags but will not be coming back to them. As they weren't interested but still want the mags. Everyone knows who the witnesses are and everyone wants the mags. But they don't want them coming by. Kinda silly if you ask me. 
   We got back from service at 3:30 I think. Then Chelsea and I went on a walk. Pretty cool walk. About 1.5 miles. We went to a burnt down house from a long long time ago. I think I have a pic....  

Kinda creepy.  It was very neat. In the middle of the woods. No one was around  but me and Chelsea. We went to the back and there was a tunnel into the back of the house. I went inside the window there and it was pitch black. I thought there was going to be zombies coming out of the darkness. I took a photo with a flash. Just so I can see nothing inside was going to jump out at me. We walked over to the old garden and around the trails a little. Btw the house was built in 1795. 

   After that guess what I did. I went out to redeem my fishing skills. Mike says there are tons of fish out there. But I would say there is maybe 5 in the whole lake. Anyway I caught a 14" fish. I even got it before mike did. It was so weird. I had to pull out the hook, untangle the net and bop the fish on the head to kill it. Well after fighting the fish for 10 mins, it was time to kill it. And I couldn't bring myself to do it. Haha. So instead I watched him suffer. Mike did catch one. About 12" and he did kill it. Lol 

   Then we came home. And I had to gut the fish. Wow. People do this on a daily basis. Just for sake of pride. I'll just say I didn't do so good at that. Kinda acted like a little school girl. ;) the next day I cook it and eat that mad fish I got. 

That's it. Thanks for reading guys. I'll keep in touch. Btw so many details I can't wait to tell you guys! And sorry I can't post too many pics.