Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 34

Ok. So after all the travel today we still don't come home. Not yet. Today is a special day. After a few years of not seeing my dad today is a day where we hang out. 

Pretty fun. Actually really really fun. And just in case he reads this... He even did good. Oh ya!!! I forgot to tell you what we were doing! 

It was nice. We went cable wake boarding. Man was that fun. It's been about 5 years since I've stood up on one so I was a little nervous. But. First try and I stood up. I went about 20 feet and bam. I was down. Right in front of everyone watching. Felt pretty dumb. But I put my ego asides me tried again. This time I made it all the way around the cable park without falling. By the end of one hour dads old age kicked in and he took a nap. Well a break. Lol. At this point I have already lost my POV camera. That's a point of view video camera. I fell really hard at one point that it got knocked off my helmet and it's mount. By this time I already have torn a callus off my left hand. But. I paid for two hours and was determined to get better. 

I even went to the "big advanced" park and before I got kicked out from that side I landed a board slide across a rail thing. And even fell on my back too. Pretty fun. So I went back to the small side that slowed down to 18 mph instead of 22 and I did some jumps and even hit the big one on this side. I say big but in reality it's about 4' high. When your coming up to it. It looks like 40' lol

After wake boarding we all went to Cheesecake Factory. Chelsea loves that place! So she was excited. You know what else Chelsea likes to do? Shop. So. After we ate we all went to ikea right across the street. That was fun. Acting like a little kid again.  My dad is an instigator. I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out. Maybe they thought we had special needs. Lol. It was alot of fun and after only buying a couple of things that we don't really need we left. Went home and I was beat. Felt like 12 midnight. But no. It was 8:30. I was done for the day. Haha. In Ireland time that would be 1:30am so my body is still used to that time. 

One more blog after this... 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 33

Ugh What a day! Seriously such a long long day. Today's blog is just about our travels back to the states. Lets get started shall we?

Ok so we woke up at 7:45 and got ready to leave. I knew it was going to be a good day because when i went downstairs to go get something out of the car for Chelsea.... I then realized that i forgot the keys.... So i had to go back upstairs to get the keys. And keep this in mind were in a rush to catch our flight.

So we leave the hotel and google maps said 18 mins. Well it took us 35 mins! Traffic was really REALLY bad! I was like wow. what a start. lol Then when we get to the car rental ppl there is 4 other people in line trying to return the cars too. I thought for sure we would miss our flight. But when we get inside the airport Delta tells us that our flight is OVERBOOKED! An that we will need to be put on a later flight. So all that rushing for nothing.

1st They tell us that we need to fly with air linges. From DUB to JFK. Then Delta from JFK to MCO. They said that its no problem that we will only be 4 hours later then before. And that a 1 hour layover is plenty long. In fact they say that we wont even have to leave the terminal. So we can buy our Duty Free items and not worry about going back thru security. But they did give us $20 breakfast and coffee vouchers! That was nice since we didn't eat breakfast yet.

ok well now were relaxing and eating and just enjoying ourselves chit chatting and having fun making fun of weird people walking by.

We go thru security and go to buy some Irish whisky. We finally settled on this one bottle. MMMmmmm so good i think it was called centurion ten or something like that. You cant buy it anywhere besides Ireland. You cant even get it in northern Ireland. Anyway we pulled out 3 bottles and went to check out... Well they say that we cant buy it Because there going to take it from us... So i say why would they take it??? We don't have to go thru security. But this little weird kid with a lisp and a stutter says no we have to go thru security and we cant bring the bottles. Well we asked 5 people about this and 2 people say that we can get it 2 ppl say that we cant get it and 1 person doesn't have a clue. So we decided to play it safe. But now after hearing them, i start to get worried about our 1 hour layover. Well guess what??? Our air linges flight is delayed... Then its not delayed then its delayed again. But then only 15 mins delayed but then went back to a 30 min delay.

So now our 1 hour layover went to 30 mins. But there is a 50/50 chance we have to go thru security. I guess we will worry about it when we get there.

So we get on the plane and because they did US customs in DUB thy consider our international flight a domestic one. You know what that means? no Free drinks! I was so annoyed, because we need that right now. haha

ok so we get to JFK and we have 30 mins to get on our plane. We run out of the terminal and find out that we will have to go to the other terminal across the airport. But the tram that runs from one terminal to the next is out of order. So we have to walk outside from one building to the next. And at this point we have 20 mins!!

We get our tickets from Delta and run to security. The lady stopped us and gave Chelsea a hard time because she was so stressed out that we will be late and no one there cared. So we waited to go thru security behind a line of really old people learning how to go thru security and forgetting about everything in there pockets.

Then we go to our terminal following the signs and guess what? Our terminal isn't actually there... its the only one that we have to get on a bus and ride it across the airstrip to the terminal.

so after running all this way and sweating and being annoyed we get to our plane with 2 mins to spare. But there is a line. a big one. So were asking around thinking that our plane left and that these people are waiting for the next flight... But no it was our plane. It was running late too. So we got lucky again. All these bad things keep happening but there is a way out each time. So if you look at the bright side it did work out.

We get to Orlando and go to get our bags.... Well after waiting for them to show up from that weird conveyor belt thing, our bags never show up. So we go ask the delta people and they say no one put tracking on our bags!

After 45 mins they find it and tell us that they will be flown the next day and we will get it 4-6 hours after it arrives.

anyway After we leave the Airport 15 mins away Chelsea realized she left her $100 temperpedic pillow at the airport! haha We went back and it was there.

So lets just say that this was a long annoying day that never ended.

Don't forget that i cant sleep on airplanes. And we were flying back in time. So when we finally got home in Orlando it was 12:00am EST but back in Ireland it is 5:00am. So basically i was extremely tired and needed some sleep.

Sorry for all the ranting. But it needed to be done! haha i needed to get it out and vent. Some of you may be annoyed by that, But some of you may like it because you may have had a bad day too and this should make you feel better about yours. ;)

Ok guys let you know how tmrw goes!