Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 17

  Ok, so i would think that you guys would have stopped reading the blogs, but you haven't. So, I must come up with more fake activities to write about. Just kidding. But seriously, This is alot of writing for a person who can only type 12 words per hour. I'm learning. I think i'll pick it up soon.

   Any who, lets see, yesterday we woke up and went out in service. The locals brought us to "map 0". We were coming out to work the territory that isn't worked very often. They like to work it once a year or so with the holiday witnesses. Thats us, because holiday means vacation. They wanted to save it for us. Like we want to work out inservice in the middle of nowhere! :) no really we actually do want to.
    On the way Nicola came in the car with us. She said "don't worry ill give you directions." I trusted she knew where she was going. Well, we got there only a little late. I should have known i cant trust a woman's sense of direction. :) This is the second time this trip i've gone the wrong way because of listening to a woman. No offense lady out there. BUT.... Its the truth! ;)

   The service was nice. Not like i actually got to talk to anyone because everyone was gone. But it was nice to go out with the brothers and sisters.

   The Irish accent is starting to grow on me. Not that I am starting to sound like them, its that they sound normal. I heard an American accent and it sounded really weird. lol I think they all think that I sound weird too tho.

   Let me tell you about these crazy weirdo's that were staying with. The husband Nat is really smart with computers. He builds websites for a living and is even going to help me build a website myself. And throw away the disaster website that we have now. Ill let you know how it comes out then if you guys need someone you can actually trust ill recommend him. Nat is really funny! He is alot like me as far as loud and crazy. But he is more mature and he sounds a bit English.
Nicola is super sweet! I keep making fun of her, but i need to stop because she is too nice. Always making me tea and offering us stuff. Chelsea and her get along very well it seems. We have both been enjoying ourselves.
I actually need to say good things about these people because they are reading the blog I think.
The girls... The younger one is really cute. She doesn't understand a word im saying! She just laughs at me and smiles when i talk. I think she likes me tho because ive been playing games with her.
The older girl is very shy but ive been finding common ground.

   I sound like im just rambling about nothing. Was going to post a handful of pix but can't get any of them to upload!! >:( Sorry.