Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 15

15 days since I've had to work. Haha feels like a dream. Today's blog was a trip. Literally. We left the Kingdons house. He gave me the scenic route. Well that's taking a 1 hour drive and turning it into a 3 hours drive. Man would this have been beautiful if the stupid rain/ clouds were gone! 
   We have a book written by Rick Steve and the way that mike sent me actually is in the book. It says it's the most beautiful route in all of Ireland. Despite all the rain and clouds it sure was beautiful. It was fun to read about all the history as we rode in the direction. 
This was out first stop. This weird bronze boat that was to represent all the death. The history is that there was a great famine. And all they had was potatoes to eat. Well there was a disease that hit and took out the potatoes a people tried to leave on the ships to America and most ppl died.  I think 90% died on the boats of diseases and starvation and most of 10% who made it died when they got there. 

   Then we drove thru the valley called doo lough valley. Even with the rain this was truly a site to see. Nothing around at all but mountains and this beautiful lake in the middle. To go along with the story ppl tried to come thru here and died of starvation in this valley. There is said to have ghosts and stupid stuff like that here. But it was just beautiful to us. Lol. 

   The pictures don't do it justice. I wish I had a better camera. 

   It was fun to take this road all the way to Galway. Stopping and looking at the wild horses and saying hello to the sheep. Also stopping and seeing castles on the way. I love how there everywhere and you can just stop walk up take a pic and go. 

   We finally get to Galway. Very touristy. But still pretty. To cap up what we do... We go to a museum there. Watch the street performers. Hit up some shops. 

   Then we find our hotel. Oh wow. This was the most beautiful hotel we have both ever seen. We take a nap of course! Then get ready for a night out. Apparently this is more of a night life then Dublin. So we were excited. We go get dinner then Hit up a pub. Dinner was Italian. Umm so amazing. The pub was fun. We drank our beers and watched the trad Irish band do there thing.

   When we leave to go back to our hotel to go to bed. Cuz it's late now. Like 11:00. We saw the most insane thing. So weird. Haha. Billions of ppl. Packed on this street. All young kids. Drinking on the streets climbing the walls. Throwing and pushing each other. It was like circus that you don't have to pay for. So crazy. Ppl drunk and yelling. Wow. We're we're not in the right place. So maybe we thought that "night life" would be tasteful. It wasn't. We couldn't wait to leave! But seriously you had to see this. My mouth was open in shock. Like Babylon the great. Idk. Anyway. We went home and went to sleep. Boy did we sleep good. :)