Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 34

Ok. So after all the travel today we still don't come home. Not yet. Today is a special day. After a few years of not seeing my dad today is a day where we hang out. 

Pretty fun. Actually really really fun. And just in case he reads this... He even did good. Oh ya!!! I forgot to tell you what we were doing! 

It was nice. We went cable wake boarding. Man was that fun. It's been about 5 years since I've stood up on one so I was a little nervous. But. First try and I stood up. I went about 20 feet and bam. I was down. Right in front of everyone watching. Felt pretty dumb. But I put my ego asides me tried again. This time I made it all the way around the cable park without falling. By the end of one hour dads old age kicked in and he took a nap. Well a break. Lol. At this point I have already lost my POV camera. That's a point of view video camera. I fell really hard at one point that it got knocked off my helmet and it's mount. By this time I already have torn a callus off my left hand. But. I paid for two hours and was determined to get better. 

I even went to the "big advanced" park and before I got kicked out from that side I landed a board slide across a rail thing. And even fell on my back too. Pretty fun. So I went back to the small side that slowed down to 18 mph instead of 22 and I did some jumps and even hit the big one on this side. I say big but in reality it's about 4' high. When your coming up to it. It looks like 40' lol

After wake boarding we all went to Cheesecake Factory. Chelsea loves that place! So she was excited. You know what else Chelsea likes to do? Shop. So. After we ate we all went to ikea right across the street. That was fun. Acting like a little kid again.  My dad is an instigator. I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out. Maybe they thought we had special needs. Lol. It was alot of fun and after only buying a couple of things that we don't really need we left. Went home and I was beat. Felt like 12 midnight. But no. It was 8:30. I was done for the day. Haha. In Ireland time that would be 1:30am so my body is still used to that time. 

One more blog after this...