Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 3

Ok so day 3 of our trip. We're still in fl hanging out with the family. Today was a pretty good day. Lots were done. Nothing crazy but really enjoyed ourselves. Trying to keep busy! So excited that were leaving in 2 days. I just wanna sleep until we fly out. 

Ok so we wake up and it was so stinking hot!!! It sucks. Lol. I'm so happy were not living in fl. I couldn't imagine. 

Ok, so I got to take a this bike out today! You know me. I love bikes. And this thing is so much fun! :) really. So much power it wheelies in every gear. Can only top out at 80mph but it deft is alot of fun. I have the cance to buy one of these but... Trying to live simple and move out of the country is hard! I want one!!! It was fun. Chelsea was on the back. And we don't need helmets so it was so funny taking it down the street and her being able to talk to me. Without screaming. It's so much fun. I need one. 
I feel like I'm rambling a lil. 

After riding bike around the area Chelsea went to the pool. She had a blast. She drank margaritas and baked in the sun. Not actually "baked" but sat in the sun and fried. 

While Chelsea was at the pool doing whatever she was doing I stayed at the house and played some basketball with the boys. Woe. It was hot. Like 10 mins in I was sweating! Like crazy!!! And if you know me... I don't sweat! It was really crazy. So bad I had to drink Gatorade before I passed out then took a shower. 

After that we cooked out and grilled some burgers. 

Then we went to downtown Disney! Look at this sign! Haha. Seriously? Lol. What the mess. Pleasure island? Seriously? I had to take a pic for you guys. I'm not being immature. Just thought it was funny. 

This is a merry go round. I took a shot. I'm not by any means a photographer. But I like to mess with the camera sometimes.  I was pretty proud of this. 

I had to take this shot for @Bryten Phares. Look it's a pineapple. (Inside joke for anyone who watches the show "psych") was so funny. You can go inside of it. 

So basically it was a fun long day. I'll keep you all posted on whatever we do. Even if it's boring. I promise. Haha ;) 

Well ttyl guys! Hope you enjoyed.