Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 1

This is so cute! Mambo knew that we were leaving him. And he didn't want us to pack our bags. :)

 Ok So this first Blog is more or less a test. Wanna get everything ready for when we leave out on monday.
   We fly out for ATL on monday at 9:30am. Tell me... how does this make sense... its cheaper to fly out of orlando then it is to fly from Atlanta. Why cant i just skip the orlando-atlanta flight and just get on the Atlanta-dubland flight? IDK Seems to me that it would save the airline money. I called and asked if you can just not show up to orlando. Well you can't, or your in the system as a "no show".
    Btw guys this blog is going to be very boring! haha This time it will be me (Bryant) writing them. ;) so it will be boring and pretty hard to read. lol Cuz i cant spell.
    Just in case you wanna hear about my day.... I slept in to 10:00am because we were up to 2:00am packing. Well i packed in 20 mins with only 40lbs total including the computer and all our chargers. Chelsea took, well, Just a little longer. lol We had to go thru her stuff because her one bag was already 48lbs! We cleaned a little then went to bed.
   We drove down and made it to Orlando in 9.5 hours. Not bad, and there was no traffic! Very relaxing drive. I had alot of time to think about all my friends, work, and especially service! Chelsea, like always, slept alot of the time. But not as bad as most trips.
    Anyway guys hope you enjoy our blogs and ill keep in touch!!!