Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 2

   Ok. So I said I would write a blog everyday. :) so you all will have to deal with another boring blog.

   So we slept in. Our plan was to leave for the beach early... Well we are staying in Chelsea's uncles house. And he works nights sometimes so he has this room, and it's black! It's awesome! You can't see a thing. So come 10:00am I'm like i can't sleep! And it's gotta be 5:00 but no. It was late. No sun was coming thru. Very dangerous! Lol. 
   So we go to cocoa beach. (1 hour east) Oh wow. So nice to just sit and relax! Chelsea and I had a blast! We played in the water took a nap went and got some Mexican. Then back to the beach. Played in the water then took another nap. Haha. 
   Then we came "home" took another nap in the dark room. Well Chelsea took a nap. I played on the computer.  Lol 
   Then we went to dinner with memaw then and jack jack and scarlet. It was a "pleasant" dinner. ;) the best part was this I met some "testigos de jehovah" that just got out of there convention. They were really nice Spanish brothers and sisters. 
   I can't wait till we leave for Ireland!!! Oh my. It's getting real! Lol it's gonna be so much fun. I already miss you all at home and can't wait to come back and hang out with you guys! 

We found this on our walk to lunch. It was cute! Had to take a pic!

We had the beach to ourselves! So nice. It was hot too!!! 97 was the high!